Falling Damage

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Certain game conditions, such as the Jump Skill can cause troopers to fall from heights during the course of the battle. When this happens, the trooper will receive Damage from the fall unless it can succeed at an ARM Roll.

To calculate the Damage received, measure the height of the fall, and use the trooper's first MOV value to divide this fall height into sections. Each section (even if incomplete) means the trooper receives a cumulative Damage value of 10.

If the ARM Roll is failed, the trooper loses 1 point from its Wounds/STR Attribute and must repeat the ARM Roll until it reaches a state of Dead or passes an ARM Roll.

Example of fall Damage
The Fusilier Angus, being who he is, trips and falls during combat. To calculate how much Damage to roll against in his subsequent ARM Roll, the height of the fall is measured: 5 inches. Since the first value of Angus' MOV is 4, this means he falls two sections, and therefore receives a total Damage of 20 (10 + 10 = 20). Angus makes his ARM Roll and fails, so he loses 1 point from his Wounds Attribute and is now Unconscious. However, having failed his roll, Angus must now make a new ARM Roll. If he were to fail that one, he would enter the Dead state and be removed from play.