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The user of this Special Skill has the innate or acquired ability to shrug off damage from biological or toxic weaponry.


The user is immune to the special effects of Bio-Munitions - including Shock, Viral (see Infinity: Human Sphere) and any others within the Bio-Munition Category - treating them like Normal Ammunition instead. However, player can choose to roll ARM or BTS.

Bioimmunity example
A Bioimmune trooper with a high BTS value who receives one impact with Shock Special Ammunition makes one single BTS Roll. If he failed the Roll, the trooper would suffer one Wound instead of the usual effects of Shock ammo. However, if the trooper has a high ARM value and receives one impact with Viral Special Ammunition, he would make a single ARM Roll, instead of the two BTS Rolls of Viral ammo. If he failed the Roll, the trooper would suffer 1 Wound instead of the usual effects of Viral ammo.

A series of mechanisms both inborn and artificial (biotech-based or otherwise) can boost the immune response to attacks that rely on viral ammunition or have an added damage factor in the form of venoms, toxins, and infectious agents. This immunity can result from particularly sturdy physical and chemical barriers, but in the vast majority of cases it is caused either by natural (or pre-programmed) response mechanisms or by an immunity acquired through previous exposure. Subjects exhibiting this so-called Bioimmunity often present strengthened interferons and NK (Natural Killer) cells, resulting in extraordinary antiviral capabilities. Soldiers with this ability are ideally suited for operations in extremely hostile environments or against enemy agents with particularly insidious methods.

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N3 Frequently Asked Question FAQ Version: 1.1
Q: Which version of Bioimmunity is the correct, the English version or the Spanish version?
A: The English version. The trooper with Bioimmunity can choose an ARM or BTS Roll against Attacks with the BioMunitions Category.
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N3 Frequently Asked Question FAQ Version: 1.1
Q: Against an AP+Shock shot, how does Bioimmunity work if you choose to make the Armor Roll with the BTS Attribute?
A: The Shock Ammunition would treated like Normal Ammunition, but is combined with AP Ammunition so it is compulsory to make the Roll with the ARM Attribute, not with the BTS.
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