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This Characteristic indicates whether the trooper has some kind of external memory and personality storage that can be recovered after its demise.

Back-up: Cube

This indicates that the trooper has an automated memory recording and storage device, commonly known as a Cube.

Troopers with a Cube are easier to heal. Additionally, Cube-wearing casualties can potentially be recovered for use in future missions. This possibility is only applied in the Campaign Rules for Infinity (see the rulebook Infinity. Campaign: Paradiso).


  • When using the Doctor Special Skill (or other Special Skills or Equipment that explicitly state they benefit from this rule) to heal a trooper with a Cube, you can expend one Command Token to re-roll the WIP Roll if it was a failure.

Human Sphere N3 Content.


This model of Cube facilitates recovery by CUBEVAC during a campaign.


  • The benefits of the Cube 2.0 are only applied when playing a campaign.
  • Only to those troopers possessing the Infinity Spec-Ops and the Cube 2.0 Special Skills in their profiles can apply the additional effect of this Special Skill.


  • This Special Skill works in the same way as the Cube Characteristic.
  • Additionally, when playing a campaign, the Cube 2.0 allows to its user to automatically succeed at the CUBEVAC Roll, without rolling any dice.

The Cube 2.0 is the second generation of the memory, skill and personality recording device. This is not a mere technological improvement over previous models, but a genuine evolutionary leap of the Cube's own concept. The Cube 2.0 not only has the most advanced data storage and protection systems, but also has a link connection to the data sphere. This resource allows the automatic update of back-ups. The Cube 2.0 regularly connects to safe servers, created ad hoc in the data sphere, and it also files an update of the latest version of the data composing the Sheut in different virtual locations, as well as physical hard drives located in security vaults. Cube 2.0s also have the ability to find, acquire and install the latest software, security and service updates for its different operating components. In this way, the Cube 2.0 user is constantly connected and is fully assured of recording and continuity of his personality and memories. At present, all the advanced Lhost models (Boddhisatva, Anāgāmī...) carry a series Cube 2.0.
Sheut (ancient Egyptian: "Shadow") is the name for the data stored in a Cube that comprises a personality. The term Sheut refers only to the pure data and it doesn't include the genetic sample that all Cubes carry. [Extracted from the Universal Conciliar Dictionary. Simplified edition. Manaheim, Concilium Prima.]