BS Attacks into Close Combat

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If a trooper declares a BS Attack against an enemy in base to base contact with an ally, he applies a -6 MOD to his BS for each ally in that Close Combat (this is in addition to all other MODs for Range, Cover, CH: Camouflage, etc.).

If the trooper fails his Roll and the Failure Category (FC) is less than or equal to the MOD applied for allied troopers (-6, -12, etc., depending on the number of allies in that CC), then an ally takes the hit and is forced to make an ARM/BTS Roll. If several allies were participating in the CC, the attacker can choose which one takes the hit.

Fusilier Angus watches as his comrade Fusilier Bipandra is attacked in CC by the Alguacil Ortega. Angus, always the gentleman, tries to help and declares his ARO will be to make a BS Attack, then opens fire on Ortega. To hit Ortega, Angus needs to roll 9 or less on his d20 [BS: 12 +3 (Range MOD) –6 (MOD for trying to avoid friendly fire) = 9]. What he rolls instead is a 12. Uh oh. He failed his Roll, and he did so because of the MOD for having to avoid hitting his ally engaged in that CC (10 to 15 on the die). This means his FC is 3 (12-9=3), less than the value of the MOD (-6), so Angus ends up shooting Bipandra by accident. Now Bipandra must make an ARM Roll and, if she passes it, she will want to have a word with her comrade Angus.