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Third Offensive Content.

This mobile weapons platform has been designed to be deployed on the battlefield, allows placing a Small Teardrop Template and loads E/M Special Ammunition.

Sibylla's Advice.

As a user reference, this weapon possesses very similar deployment rules to FastPandas, being an offensive version of those.

WildParrots Skill

Attack, Deployable, Disposable (1)
  • By expending one Short Skill or one ARO, without any Rolls needed, the user of this piece of Equipment can deploy the WildParrot model a maximum of 8 inches from his base.
To deploy a WildParrot, place it next to the user's base and then move it as if it had declared the Short Movement Skill Move with one single MOV value of 8 inches.
WildParrots are placed at the Conclusion of the Order.
  • The Short Skill to deploy a WildParrot is an Attack.
  • A WildParrot cannot be placed if there is an enemy Camouflage or TO Marker inside its Trigger Area. This rule does not apply if there is a valid, non-camouflaged enemy inside the Trigger Area, or if the WildParrot is deployed as an Intuitive Attack.
  • Enemies can react in ARO to the declaration in the Active Turn of the Short Skill to deploy a WildParrot, but only against the figure activated by the Order and not against the WildParrot itself, as troopers cannot react to a WildParrot.
  • Once deployed, the WildParrot becomes a static element and cannot move or be moved.
  • Deployed WildParrots work exactly like Anti-Personnel Mines with the following exceptions:
    • WildParrots use E/M Special Ammunition.
    • WildParrots do not have the Concealed Trait. They are not placed as Camouflaged markers and do not benefit from Mimetism.

Trigger Area

The Trigger Area of a WildParrot is the area within the radius of the Small Teardrop Template extended out from the edge of the base of the WildParrot.

The Trigger Area excludes any areas in Total Cover from the Blast Focus of the Small Teardrop Template.

WildParrots and Intuitive Attacks:

This weapon allows the user to make Intuitive Attacks: by passing a WIP Roll, you can lay a WildParrot even if an enemy Camouflage and Hiding Marker is inside the Trigger Area.

Dodging a WildParrot:

WildParrots are Template Weapons and Deployable Weapons, so their effect can be Dodged by passing a PH-3 Roll.


WildParrot Weapon Profile

Name Range (inches) DAM B Ammo Traits
Short Medium Long Maximum
WildParrot -- -- -- -- 13 1 E/M Deployable, Direct Template (Small Teardrop), Disposable (1), Intuitive Attack

WildParrot Profile

0 0 1 1


WildParrot Game Example. Deployment:

During his Active Turn, an Echo-Bravo is inside a room when he decides to deploy a WildParrot to place it outside. However, the PanOceanian trooper forgot that the door is a Security Gate and requires one Short Skill to open. The WildParrot can do nothing except the one Short Movement Skill Move, so when it reaches base to base contact with the door it cannot continue. To the disappointment of the Echo-Bravo, the WildParrot remains deployed by the door.
Had the Security Gate been open, the WildParrot would have moved up to its MOV value and deployed where the Echo-Bravo wanted. Even if there had been several enemies with LoF to the WildParrot as it dashed to its resting point, none of them could have reacted against it, since it is not a trooper activated by an Order but a weapon. However, all enemies with LoF to the Echo-Bravo could have reacted to her declaring deployment of the WildParrot.

WildParrot Game Example. Triggering:

During his Active Turn, an Alguacil declares the first Short Skill of their Order: Move. When declaring the trajectory of his movement, he enters the Trigger Area of an enemy WildParrot, so this explodes. The Alguacil can now to declare the second Short Skill of the Order, Dodge. As the WildParrot is a Deployable Weapon using a Small Teardrop Template, the Alguacil must apply a -3 MOD to his PH Roll to be able to Dodge. The Nomad troop fails the PH-3 Roll, so he must make a halved BTS Roll, against a Damage value of 13, applying the E/M Special Ammunition effects.

ATTENTION: This weapon disables Cubes and its use is prohibited by the Concilium Convention. Violators shall be prosecuted by international courts.

The WildParrot is a single use weapon platform conceived to be deployed in hi-tech combat environments. Developed by WarTechWorks INC. the litigation opened by the arms company PraxiTec alleging patent infringement remains blocked in the courts of Concilium. The lawyers of PraxiTec claim that the PanOceanian company has violated the patent rights of the propulsion units of their ADRD-02 (abbreviations of Autonomous Deployment Repeater Device), the famous Nomads remote deployment Repeaters known as FastPandas.