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Several of the troopers in Icestorm have additional Special Skills and Equipment, in some cases Skills that grant additional Skills.



No additional abilities.

Akalis, Sikh Commandos

As a levelled Special Skill, Airborne Deployment L4: Combat Jump allows the trooper to use Airborne Deployment L2: Airborne Infiltration instead, letting the Akali walk on the side of the table with no chance of scattering. Note that the presence of troopers off-table is Private Information, your opponent doesn't know that you have them.

Note that Dispersion if the PH Roll for Combat Jump is failed is different in the main rules - instead of automatically starting in your Deployment Zone, the trooper instead scatters a fixed 16" in a random direction - but if that new landing point is off the table, in the enemy Deployment Zone or in a place where the trooper can't fit, they then land in your own Deployment Zone touching a table edge. This means that the further you push forwards up the table with Combat Jump, the more likely a failed Roll will take you back into your own Deployment Zone.

Religious Troop effectively means that the trooper does inverse Guts Rolls - they default to always making the Roll, but can choose to pass a WIP Roll to try and duck back. In Retreat, Religious Troops stay Regular and ignore the Retreat game state. However they don't get to ignore Loss of Lieutenant outside of a Retreat situation.

Svalarheima Nisses

Terrain skills let a trooper ignore the movement penalties associated with certain types of Difficult Terrain and Very Difficult Terrain. Multiterrain lets the player choose during deployment which type of terrain this affects.

The Multispectral Visor Level 2 works largely as in Icestorm, ignoring almost all MODs caused by Camouflage and Hiding (CH), Visibility Conditions and ODD: Optical Disruption Devices.

Orc Troops

No additional abilities.

Military Order Father-Knights

Religious Troop works the same as for the Akali.

Kinematika L1 lets the Father-Knight move an extra inch when Dodging in reaction, and increases the radius if they declare an Engage ARO.

Assault lets the Father-Knight make a special type of Entire Order where they can move both their first and second MOV values and still make a CC Attack, but with a -3 CC MOD. However the Father-Knight must be able to see the enemy trooper at the start of the Order.



No additional abilities.


The Spektr's TO Camouflage Skill gives the trooper a whole set of additional abilities.

Surprise Shot is largely covered in the Icestorm rules, but applies to Hacking Attacks as well as BS Attacks.

Surprise Attack is the close combat equivalent. Instead of the -3 MOD for Surprise Shot, Surprise Attack inflicts a -6 MOD but requires the trooper to reach base contact and declare a CC Attack. As with Surprise Shot, the trooper must be in marker state (Camouflaged or TO Camouflaged in this case) at the start of the Order.

Stealth represents the trooper being able to sneak around quietly. As long as the trooper is out of sight of any enemy troopers and restricts themselves to Cautious Movement or Short Movement Skills that don't require a Roll (so no Discover!), the trooper will not trigger any Change Facing AROs and can even sneak up into close combat behind someone. The Zone of Control restriction for Cautious Movement is also lifted.

Surprise Shot, Surprise Attack and Stealth are also granted by CH: Camouflage.

But there's more… TO Camouflage lets the trooper start in Hidden Deployment state. This means that you don't even place a TO Camo marker on the table, but instead write down where the trooper is, and they count as being off-table until they're activated or react. Note that as with Airborne Deployment, the presence of troopers in Hidden Deployment is Private Information.

Infiltration is largely as seen in Icestorm, but with an additional ability. You can choose to deploy the trooper between the halfway line and the enemy Deployment Zone. This requires a PH-3 Roll during deployment, with failure having dire consequences - the trooper instead starts in your own Deployment Zone, touching any table edge and fully revealed rather than being in Camo or TO Camo state or Hidden Deployment state. Note that if using Hidden Deployment, you need to roll when choosing where the trooper is deploying, rather than when they appear, which means your opponent will know that there's a Hidden Deployment trooper somewhere in their half of the table, even if you pass the Roll. On the other hand the psychological effect this can have on the opponent is valuable in itself as the start second-guessing every move their troopers make...

As with the Nisses, the Spektr's Multiterrain skill lets it choose a terrain type to move through freely.

Grenzers, Grenz Security Team

The Grenzer's Valor: Courage lets you choose whether to pass or fail any Guts Roll made by the Grenzer. In Retreat, the Grenzer will still be affected by Loss of Lieutenant, so will be Irregular, but ignores the Retreat game state so can act normally.

Mobile Brigada

Like the Grenzer, the Mobile Brigada also has Courage.

Reverend Healers

As with the Akali and the Father-Knight, the Reverend Healer is a Religious Troop so auto-passes Guts Rolls and is unaffected by Retreat. The Doctor skill is largely the same as in Icestorm.