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Third Offensive Content.


Close Combat weapon that loads DA Special Ammunition but can be used as a Throwing Weapon, so it has two different combat modes available.

The Disposable (3) Trait is shared between both Modes. The bearer of this weapon has only three uses available, no matter which Mode is used.

Name Range (inches) DAM B Ammo Traits
Short Medium Long Maximum
Trench-hammer (CC Mode) -- -- -- -- PH 1 DA Anti-materiel, CC, Disposable (3)
Trench-hammer (Thrown Mode) 0-8" 0 -- -- -- 13 1 DA Anti-materiel, Disposable (3), Throwing Weapon

ATTENTION: Use of this weapon is prohibited by the Concilium Convention. Violators shall be prosecuted by international courts.

Basically, the Trench-hammer is a single-handed hammer designed for close combat. Equipped with a powerful explosive charge, it also has sharp edges or blades that allow it to dig into its target, so that they cannot prevent the detonation of the charge when it is used as a thrown weapon.
The Trench-hammer was created by the Crabat mercenaries during the so-called "Tunnel War" of the Syndical Revolts in the Jupiter-Pluto circuit. The name of this weapon is a direct translation of the original Croatian "Čekićem Rova". Crabat mercenaries developed improvised versions of this weapon when they found that, for the intense fighting in the tunnels, they needed a powerful but manageable melee weapon for close quarter battle. Such weapon must allow them to hold an Assault Pistol with the other hand and could to be thrown with definitely lethal results for the target. The Ariadnan versions of this weapon are characterized by the lack of blades and their long handles, adapted to the greater strength of the Antipode troops and of the Kazak servopowered armors.
In thrown mode, the Trench-hammer has been designed to eliminate the target thanks only to its explosive power and not to the effect of any shrapnel, in order to limit collateral damage and not affect the surrounding structure. The detonation of this weapon is more powerful, and consequently more lethal, than that of a grenade, although its effective radius of casualties is practically zero. For this reason, the Trench-hammer is used unofficially by the assault teams' members of some counterterrorist units, when they need a weapon that can be used in situations with hostages which causes "a single but definitive casualty". Moreover, this weapon has become famous throughout the Human Sphere thanks to Aristeia! Fights, due its effectiveness and its spectacular use has made it the favorite of some celeb Aristos.