Tactical Bow

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This close-combat, hand-operated BS weapon remains relevant for its capacity to make silent attacks from a distance.

Name Range (inches) DAM B Ammo Traits
Short Medium Long Maximum
Tactical Bow 0-8" +3 8-16" 0 16-24" -6 -- PH 1 DA Anti-materiel, Silent

The Tactical Bow is a modern twist on this traditional weapon, better suited to the needs of the contemporary warfare environment. Compared to present-day firearms, the range of a Tactical Bow is short, but it can deliver enough of a blow to remain relevant, particularly in situations where the report of a firearm would be counterproductive.

On Dawn, the use of bows as a widespread warfare tool came about as a result of USAriadnan settlers' experiences against bow-wielding Antipodes. The stopping power of these weapons, coupled with the scarcity of traditional ammunition in the more remote settlements beyond the Eastern and Southern borders, rekindled their manufacture and use beyond big game hunting. But, as the design was refined and optimized, the Tactical Bow became more than a self-defense weapon every borderlands USAriadnan could use. It became a tool for the hunting of the most dangerous game: intelligent, hostile beings. Both Antipode hunters and manhunters started using bow and arrow in their ambushes, learning how to make the most of the thick foliage of Ariadnan woods, where a well-hidden archer is impossible to spot.


Third Offensive Content.

Variant of the Tactical Bow that loads Viral Special Ammunition.

Name Range (inches) DAM B Ammo Traits
Short Medium Long Maximum
Viral Tactical Bow 0-8" +3 8-16" 0 16-24" -6 -- PH 1 Viral Silent

Throughout the history of mankind, many primitive tribes have used high toxicity poisons to impregnate the arrowheads of their bows. Currently, there is no more famous Viral Tactical Bow in the entire Human Sphere than that of Dart, the famous Posthuman and champion of Aristeia! that has elevated the use of this weapon to the category of an art in this bloody sport. However, beyond the ammunition developed by Aura Biochemical for its star, it is known that special operatives and professional assassins use their own versions in those missions where stealth and maximum lethality is required. Precisely, the two characteristics in which this weapon really stands out.