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Human Sphere N3 Content.

The SymbioMate is a single use piece of Equipment that allows its owner, in whose Trooper Profile the SymbioMate is listed, to assign it to a trooper in the same Army List, called the user, in order to provide additional combat advantages.

SymbioMates: General Game Conditions

  • The SymbioMate must be placed and remain in base contact with its user, its assigned trooper, moving along with him.
  • A SymbioMate is considered a Game State Marker rather than a model.

Deployable, Non-Lootable, Optional, Prior Deployment
  • During the Deployment Phase, a SymbioMate is assigned to a trooper possessing Symbiont Armor and is placed in base to base contact with that trooper on the game table.
  • If its user, the trooper who the SymbioMate has been assigned to, is in the Active Symbiont Armor state and receives a successful Attack and declares the use of his SymbioMate, he will not perform an ARM/BTS or the correspondent roll, and the Damage and effects of the Special Ammunition or Attack will be ignored. However, the SymbioMate will be removed from the game table at the end of that Order. Any other successful Attacks, including their Damage and effects, received by the user during the same Order will also be ignored.
  • However, when using the SymbioMate, all Critical Attacks received will be applied as usual.
  • Using a SymbioMate also avoids having to perform a Guts Roll in that same Order.
  • The player must declare the use of the SymbioMate before performing any ARM/BTS Roll.

SymbioMate Game Example-1:

During the Deployment Phase, the Tohaa Player assigns two of its Kaeltar Specialist's SymbioMates to a Gorgos and a Sakiel, two troopers deployed with Active Symbiont Armor.
During the game, the Gorgos receives in the same Order, a successful hit with Normal Ammunition, two successful hits with Fire Special Ammunition, one successful hit with Adhesive Special Ammunition, an Attack with Forward Observer and an Attack with a Hacking Program. The Tohaa player declares the use of the SymbioMate, so he doesn't make the ARM Rolls for any of the three hits, nor the PH Roll for the Adhesive Special Ammunition, nor the BTS Roll for the Hacking Attack. At the end of the Order, the player will not place the Targeted Marker besides the model but he must remove the SymbioMate from the game table.
Later, the Kaeltar Specialist, the owner of the SymbioMates, passes to Dead state. However, even though the Kaeltar model is removed from the game table, the player will not remove the Sakiel's SymbioMate.
On the next Round, during a heroic action, the Sakiel, receives several successful hits, fails the corresponding ARM Roll and goes to the Dead state. When removing the figure from the table, the SymbioMate Marker is removed as well.

SymbioMate Game Example-2:

Let's suppose during the game, the Gorgos suffers two successful hits with AP Special Ammunition, one Critical hit with Normal Special Ammunition, one Critical hit with Adhesive Special Ammunition, and a Critical Attack with Forward Observer, all of them in the same Order. The Tohaa player declares the use of the SymbioMate, so he doesn't make the ARM Rolls for any of the two AP Special Ammunition hits. However, he must apply the effects of the Normal Ammunition, the Adhesive Special Ammunition and the Forward Observer Critical hits. So, at the end of that Order, the player must place a Wound Marker, a Targeted game state Marker and an Immobilized-2 Marker besides the Gorgos model, removing the SymbioMate.

SymbioMates are bioconstructs that serve as a platform for a symbiont creature to allow other troopers to benefit from the capabilities of the Corahtar Discipline Masters. The sacrifice of these creatures is valuable as it helps to save the life of their users, so nobody will shed tears for them.