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This Common Skill allows the user to execute a BS Attack against a target outside LoF or, if he has a suitable weapon, to choose a location other than the target as the center of the attack.


The user must employ a BS Weapon with the Speculative Fire Trait.

  • The user may make a single BS Attack against a target outside his LoF.
  • If the user employs a BS Weapon with the Circular Impact Template Trait, this Skill allows him to place the center of the Circular Template somewhere other than over the target of the attack. However, the target must be inside the Area of Effect of the Circular Template.
  • In that case, both the target of the attack and the point of impact may be chosen irrespective of LoF.
  • Place the Template directly on the game table or horizontally over a piece of terrain, and never on a vertical surface or in the air.
  • Declaring Speculative Fire entails a -6 MOD to BS or the relevant Attribute. This MOD is added to all others MODs applicable to the BS Attack (Range, Cover, etc.).

Speculative Fire and Burst In Speculative Fire, the trooper can only make one single BS Attack and his B is always 1, regardless of the B value of the BS Weapon and any MODs to Burst (such as those granted by Twin Weapons).

Speculative Fire and Visibility Zones

Speculative Fire ignores MODs imposed by Visibility Zones (whether Low, Poor, or Zero), considering that the penalty for not seeing your target is included in the -6 MOD for Speculative Fire.

Speculative Fire: Tactical Advice
Speculative Fire with Template weapons can avoid MODs by Partial Cover, the CH Special Skill, ODD... by placing the Template so it is not centered on the target.

You can use Speculative Fire to attack enemy troopers with CH: Camouflage, TO or ODD who are behind a Partial Cover. By placing the center of the Template behind the enemy, you can bypass all MODs from Partial Cover (-3) and TO or ODD (-6), replacing them with one single Speculative Fire MOD (and whatever Range MODs are applicable).

Speculative Fire example
In his Active Turn, the vicious Dāturazi Jedak wants to crush Fusilier Angus, who is standing behind a wall, in Close Combat. In order to keep Angus from shooting him down when he turns the corner, Jedak wants to throw a Smoke Grenade over the wall. Since Angus is outside the Dāturazi's LoF and Smoke Grenades have the Speculative Fire Trait, Jedak is able to declare Speculative Fire.
Jedak spends an Entire Order and declares Speculative Fire. Then, he places the Circular Template so that it affects Angus. Smoke Grenades are an Impact Template weapon, so Angus can declare a Dodge ARO (with his PH-3) even though the Speculative Fire came from outside his LoF. As Jedak uses a weapon loaded with Smoke Special Ammunition, and Angus reacts declaring Dodge, the Order is resolved with two separate Normal Rolls. Jedak makes a Normal PH-3 Roll (+3 for the Smoke Grenade's Range MOD and-6 for the Speculative Fire MOD= -3) and Angus a Normal PH-3 Roll.

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N3 Frequently Asked Question FAQ Version: 1.1
Q: Can you do Speculative Fire or Guided Attack from or into a sealed room?
A: No you can’t, because there is no way to trace the trajectory of the Attack.
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N3 Frequently Asked Question FAQ Version: 1.2
Q: How does Speculative Fire interact with enemy troops in Targeted State? For example is the attack affected by Camouflage or Cover?
A: The Attack is performed without the -6 MOD for Speculative Fire and with a MOD of +3 for being against a troop in Targeted State. The negative MOD imposed for Camouflage, for example, do not apply to a Speculative Fire and the Cover ARM/BTS bonus also does not apply as it is an Attack with a Weapon Template.
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