Specialist Operative

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Human Sphere N3 Content.

The user of this Special Skill can accomplish missions and objectives when playing scenarios even if he does not have a specified role in the combat force.

  • It is compulsory to be playing a mission or a scenario possessing the Specialist Troops rule to be able to apply this Special Skill.
  • The user of this Special Skill is considered to be a Specialist Troop and use the special rules the mission or scenario specifies for this type of trooper.
  • The user of this Special Skill must be considered to be a Specialist Troop even if he doesn't fulfill any of the characteristics which define this type of trooper (being a Hacker, an Engineer...) in the parameters of the scenario.

In the Special Operations units it is common to see the presence of a member possessing some technical skills, usually focused, but not exclusively, on intrusion and counter-security techniques. Sometimes, these operatives have undertaken specific training courses, but it is also often the case that their knowledge comes from their own experience after years of service and a long career of being part of covert activities teams.