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This is a non-Lethal Deployable device that collects sensory information for using Sensor remotely.

Sniffer Skill

Attack, Comms Equipment, Deployable, Disposable (3), Indiscriminate, Zone of Control.
  • A Sniffer can be used by friendly troopers with the Special Skill Sensor to declare that Special Skill in the Sniffer's Zone of Control (an 8-inch radius) as if it were their own.
  • Troopers with Sensor need not have LOF to, nor be within a specific distance of, a Sniffer in order to use it.
  • A Sniffer can only be used by friendly troopers with Sensor.
  • By spending a Short Skill or ARO, the user places a Sniffer Marker (SNIFFER) in on the game table. This action is an Attack.
  • In the Active Turn, the trooper can deploy the Sniffer Marker in base contact or in any point of his Movement, if he declared any. In Reactive Turn, the trooper will deploy the Sniffer Marker in base contact.
  • Players will place the Sniffer Marker at the Conclusion of the Order.
  • Once the Sniffer Marker is on the table, the Sniffer is active and, in following Orders, friendly Sensor units can declare their Special Skill in its Zone of Control.
  • A deployed Sniffer remains on the table until the end of the game or until it is destroyed.

Sniffer and Camouflage and Hiding

A trooper with the Special Skill CH: Camouflage or CH: TO Camouflage cannot return to their Camouflaged or TO states inside the Zone of Control of an enemy Sniffer as long as there is a trooper with Sensor in that army that is not in a Null state.

Sniffer Profile

0 0 1 0

Sniffers scan their immediate surroundings for specific particles or signals, giving operators the chance to 'sniff' the area without risking their lives. Thanks to their distant deployment method, these sensors allow small teams to establish wide security perimeters, even in areas outside their field of vision. Sniffers are particularly useful in preventing the intrusion of enemy troops through unguarded allied lines.


N3 Frequently Asked Question FAQ Version: 1.1
Q: A trooper inside the enemy Hacking Area declares that they are placing a Sniffer or Deployable Repeater. The enemy declares Blackout and gets a successful Roll and the trooper fails the BTS Roll. Does all the Comms Equipment enter the Disabled state including the deployed item?
A: No. Blackout only affects the Equipment that has not been deployed.
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