Scenery Structures: Landing Craft

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Landing Crafts are transport aircraft or orbital vehicles that act as Scenery Items and, in certain scenarios, as Props with special rules for deployment and exfiltration.

Landing Craft Chart

DROPSHIP 15 8 9 3 Wide Access (x1) Cargo Standard, Compartment, Hackable, Combat Jump
DROPCARRIER 15 8 9 3 Cargo Access (x1) Cargo Plus, Compartment, Hackable, Combat Jump


  • Troopers inside a Landing Craft have Total Cover against Attacks from outside.
  • Unless the scenario rules indicate otherwise, Access points on Landing Crafts are always open.

Landing Crafts have some special Traits:

Combat Jump

A piece of scenery with this Trait can, under certain circumstances, use a variant of the AD: Combat Jump Special Skill.

  • The Landing Craft can only use the AD: Combat Jump Level, or the AD: Inferior Combat Jump when specified by the scenario rules.
  • If this piece of scenery is not aligned with either player and its Dispersion causes it to abandon the game table, then both players roll a d20. The player with the highest result gets to decide on which Deployment Zone to place the piece of scenery in contact with an edge of the table.
  • Any troopers holding onto or on top of the exterior of this piece of scenery when it takes off fall to their Deaths automatically and are removed from play.

Dropship Template

Some missions and scenarios require you to use Dropships. To represent these Props, you can use a piece of scenery of approximate size or one of the printable cut-outs and Dropship Templates you can download free from the Downloads section of the official Infinity website (<a href=""></a>).