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This is a range amplifier for Hackers.


Comms Equipment, Obligatory, Zone of Control.


This piece of Equipment is automatically active and cannot be deactivated by its owner.

Repeater + Impersonation or Camouflage and Hiding

Troopers or pieces of Equipment that have Repeater in addition to any Special Skills that allows them to act as Markers instead of figures (Camouflage and Hiding, Impersonation...) reveal themselves automatically if a friendly Hacker attempts to use their Repeater ability.

Hackers cannot use a repeater carried by an enemy trooper in a Marker state.

Repeater and Hidden Deployment

Troopers with Repeater who are using Hidden Deployment reveal themselves automatically if a friendly Hacker attempts to use their Repeater ability.

Repeater and AROs

Troopers cannot react against a Repeater being used by an enemy Hacker. They can only react against the Hacker himself, if possible.

Repeaters are sophisticated artifacts that expand the signal emission and reception capabilities of authorized Hacking Devices. The current design philosophy behind military-grade Hacking Devices is centered on security and encryption rather than range and output. Recent disastrous events that included the freezing of entire tactical systems during ongoing battles due to enemy intrusion have showcased the need to limit the signal capabilities of Hacking Devices in order to heighten security. To offset the reduced range of modern Hacking Devices, Repeaters amplify the data signal before forwarding it, reducing signal degradation. With these new Repeaters, military Hackers can act remotely against key enemy assets without compromising their own tactical data network.

Repeaters are signal amplifying systems that broaden a Hacker's area of influence. By opening access points into the virtual battleground, an army can expose its own vulnerabilities to enemy Hackers, who might use them to launch devastating backdoor cyber attacks. This led to the optimization of firewall technology, capable of crippling a potential intruder's maneuverability and offensive potential in the virtual realm. Despite this, veteran Hackers know not to overextend themselves by deploying Repeaters en masse. Better to be safe than sorry, particularly in a context where 'sorry' means a charred frontal lobe.


N3 Frequently Asked Question FAQ Version: 1.5, Jan 2019
Q: How do enemy Repeaters extend a Hacker’s Hacking Area?
A: If a Hacker is in the ZoC of an enemy Repeater, then, in addition to the ZoC of the Repeater, all enemy Hackers on the table are inside their Hacking Area.
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N3 Frequently Asked Question FAQ Version: 1.6, Apr 2019
Q: If two or more hackable troops, one with Stealth and the other without Stealth, were activated simultaneously within Hacking Area, could I declare Hacking against the troops with Stealth?
A: No, you can only ARO against the troop without Stealth. This does not prevent you from declaring Change Facing or Reset.
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