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The beliefs and teachings of their leaders have made these soldiers into loyal warriors with an unshakable faith. The ardor of these zealots is enough to help them stand firm in battle even when their comrades have given up hope.

  • Troopers with this Special Skill pass all their Guts Rolls automatically without rolling any dice.
  • This means that troopers with this Special Skill are forced to hold their position and cannot withdraw or seek cover after surviving one or more ARM or BTS Rolls.
  • However, the user has the chance to voluntarily make a Guts Roll after surviving one or more ARM or BTS Rolls or a Non-Lethal Attack.
  • In that case, the Religious Troop Special Skill makes that Guts Roll have the opposite effect, that is, the user must pass his Guts Roll in order to go Prone or move up to 2 inches to abandon the danger zone, gain Cover or improve his Cover.
  • This movement can never be towards the enemy who declared the Attack, nor can it be used to enter base to base contact with an enemy.
  • Troopers with the Religious Troop Special Skill are unaffected by the Retreat! rules, acting normally until the end of the game.
  • Additionally, during a Retreat! situation, troopers with this Special Skill cannot voluntarily abandon the game table unless the scenario rules indicate otherwise.

Religious Troop example
A PanOceanian Father-Knight who is in Partial Cover is hit by an Attack but survives all ARM Rolls. Since he has the Religious Troop Special Skill, he does not have to make a Guts Roll and must maintain his position.
However, the Father-Knight decides he is too exposed in that spot. After making all necessary ARM Rolls, and before the Order sequence ends, the Father-Knight declares he will attempt to make a Guts Roll to seek cover. If he passes the Guts Roll, he may declare Prone or move 2 inches seeking Total Cover.

If nothing else, the military history of the Human race has shown fanaticism, religious or otherwise, to be an excellent tactical recourse. Countless battles, by all accounts hopelessly lost, have seen the tide turn by dint of the deeply held convictions and the fervent stubbornness of the losing side. A troop's morale, their belief in the loftiness of their goal, is the key to victory.


N3 Frequently Asked Question FAQ Version: 1.1
Q: Troops with V: Courage and Religious, how do the V: Courage and the Religious Skills interact with each other in a Guts Roll?
A: Troopers with both Skills can choose which one they are going to use in a Guts Roll.
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