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This Special Skill represents the capacity of certain troopers to mend the Wounds they incurred and overcome Unconsciousness without external help.



  • This Special Skill allows its user to spend the Entire Order required to activate it even when on the battlefield in a Null state.
  • Regeneration allows its user, by passing a PH Roll, to regain 1 point previously lost from his Wounds Attribute.
  • If the user fails his PH Roll, he loses 1 additional point from his Wounds Attribute.
  • If the user is Unconscious and fails his PH Roll, he immediately Dies and is removed from play.
  • If the user lost enough points from his Wounds Attribute to enter the Dead state before he could attempt to activate Regeneration, he cannot use this Special Skill and must be removed from play. (For example, if a trooper with Wounds 1 receives three hits from a Burst and fails two Armor Rolls).
  • Troopers with Regeneration do not generate Orders for themselves or for their Order Pool while they are Unconscious.

  • Regeneration automatically grants its user the Shock Immunity Special Skill.
  • Regeneration is compatible with the use of MediKit or Doctor. This means that a trooper with Regeneration can be healed by Regeneration after being healed by a Paramedic or a Doctor, and vice versa, as long as all Requirements are met.

When we say 'Regeneration', what we mean is that the organism is endowed with super-human self-healing and physical repair capabilities. Commonly referred to as "healing factor", this ability allows the subject's metabolism to repair tissue damage much faster than normal humans do. Regenerative individuals also exhibit resistances to a wide array of diseases, almost to the point of biological immunity to sickness.