Portable Autocannon

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A high-powered Support BS weapon with a long-range window of effectiveness. The combined effect of its two Special Ammunitions (AP + EXP) make up for its reduced Burst.

Name Range (inches) DAM B Ammo Traits
Short Medium Long Maximum
Portable Autocannon 0-8" -3 8-16" 0 16-32" +3 32-48" -3 15 2 AP + EXP Anti-materiel

The Portable Autocannon is a compact, lightweight version of the main weapon mounted on primitive light armored vehicles of the mid-21st century. Ariadnan technicians have been able to reduce the size of the feed and report suppression systems. To achieve maximum portability, this cannon has been designed with a manual firing mechanism and an optical aiming system. Despite its archaic look, this weapon packs an undeniable punch that can neutralize even the heaviest ground units in the Human Sphere.