Plasma Carbine

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A cut-down version of the Plasma Rifle. Like its Rifle counterpart, this is a hyper-technological alien weapon that uses Plasma Special Ammunition. This version sacrifices fire rate and accuracy in favor of a bigger payload.

The Plasma Carbine possesses two different Shooting Modes from which players can choose.

Blast Mode possess the Impact Template (Small Teardrop) Trait and applies Plasma Special Ammunition across the whole Area of Effect of the Teardrop Template. Meanwhile, the Hit Modelacks the Impact Template Trait, but it possesses a higher Damage value.

Name Range (inches) DAM B Ammo Traits
Short Medium Long Maximum
Plasma Carbine (Blast Mode) 0-8" +3 8-16" +3 16-32" -3 32-40" -6 13 2 Plasma Impact Template (Small Teardrop)
Plasma Carbine (Hit Mode) 0-8" +3 8-16" +3 16-32" -3 32-40" -6 14 2 Plasma

The Plasma Carbine is the short-barreled, mass-produced version of the Plasma Rifle, a tour de force of the industrial capacity of VoodooTech, whose capabilities go beyond merely pioneering the design of next-generation weaponry. The firepower of a Carbine is similar to that of the Plasma Rifle by virtue of generating a projectile with the same incandescent plasma content. The energy output, however, is inferior to that of its big sister. As a standard-issue weapon for certain Combined Army troops, the Plasma Carbine is regarded as a lower-quality, more economical weapon. This is made patently clear by its lower fire rate, its stronger recoil and its higher reload times. The Plasma Carbine may not be as scary as its Rifle counterpart, but it is an expeditious, decisive weapon capable of terminating several targets with a single shot.