Pheromonic Special Ammunition

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Human Sphere N3 Content.

This a type of lethal ammunition based on modified pheromones that not only cause damage to the target but also marks them.




After a successful attack using Pheromonic Special Ammunition, the target must make a BTS Roll.


  • Each BTS Roll failed against Pheromonic Special Ammunition causes the target to lose one point from his Wounds/STR Attribute.
  • Moreover, the target enters directly into the Targeted state, whether he succeed at the BTS Roll or not, placing a Targeted Marker on his side.
The effective use of this ammunition is considered a successful Forward Observer Attack in regards to accomplishing Objectives in missions or scenarios.
  • Critical hits with Pheromonic Special Ammunition cause the target to lose 1 point directly from his Wounds/STR Attribute, bypassing the usual BTS Roll. Moreover, the target directly enters into the Targeted state.

The pheromonic ammunition is a type of advanced biological ammunition characteristic of the Tohaa arms industry. This race has a long tradition developing military applications of its pheromonic technology.