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The owner of this Special Skill is an expert in the use of weapons and pieces of equipment which cause non-permanent damage to their targets, and which they use with the same effectiveness as a regular weapon or piece of equipment.

  • Any scenario or campaign rules relating to the use of weapons banned by the Concilium Convention are not applied to the owner of this Special Skill.
  • This Special Skill is applied only in those scenarios or campaigns which specify it.

Reducing the death rate and collateral casualties is a vital part of peacekeeping operations and of campaigning for 'hearts and minds' when dealing with civilian populations and insurgent forces. For this reason, those troops specializing in peacekeeping missions carry equipment and weapons specifically designed to avoid permanent damage to their targets. At the request of Bureau Aegis, much progress has been made in the development of this type of armament, with an efficiency comparable to lethal weaponry.