ODD: Optical Disruption Device

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A complex photon-bending device that makes it hard to draw a bead on the user.

Fire-Sensitive, NFB, Obligatory.
  • Allows the user to deploy with an active Optical Disruptor, which requires no Orders or Rolls.
  • Enemies suffer a -6 MOD to all BS Attacks against the user of an Optical Disruptor.
  • CC: Optical Disruptor has no effect in CC.

ODD and Fire Special Ammunition

If the user of ODD is affected by Fire Special Ammunition, then this piece of Equipment is rendered Burnt, regardless of the result of the ARM Roll. Place a Burnt Marker beside the user, who remains in that state until his Equipment is repaired (usually by an Engineer).

An Optical Disruptor is a device that generates a photon-bending field around the wearer, distorting his outline and apparent position. A sophisticated tactical concealment device, it is only available for elite troops with operational spectra that make such an expense cost-effective. This technology was developed in parallel with TO Camouflage, which prompted a dispute for authorship and patent rights between the PanOceanian company Sparkdyne Research and the Absynth research module of Praxis, in Bakunin. The lawsuit, which remains open in the High Court of O-12, has been plagued by allegations of industrial espionage that have become a bone of bitter contention between PanOceania and the Nomad Nation.


N3 Frequently Asked Question FAQ Version: 1.1
Q: When a Hacker equipped with ODD uses the Hacking Program: Cybermask, does his ODD turn off? When will the ODD turn on again?
A: A trooper can only use or benefit from one Special Skill, piece of Equipment or Hacking Program with the NFB Trait or Label in the same Order.

When you use Cybermask, the ODD will turn off because this Equipment has the NFB Trait and any Special Skill or Equipment with this Trait or Label is incompatibe with any other Special Skill or Equipment that has the same Trait or Label.

The ODD will turn on when you cancel or turn off the effect of the Special Skill, Equipment, or in this case the Hacking Program, that produces the disconnection.

As an example, this means a trooper cannot benefit from the ODD and also the Surprise Shot provided by Cybermask in the same Order.

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N3 Frequently Asked Question FAQ Version: 1.3, Oct 2017
Q: When performing an Attack with a Jammer, is the roll affected by the negative MOD of ODD or Camouflage, for example? 
A: No, in the case of an attack that does not require LoF, the negative MODs are not applied.
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