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Whatever technological systems this unit might carry are rudimentary enough that they are not susceptible to Hacking attempts.

  • The user of this Special Skill cannot be the target of Hacking Attacks whose Requirements include that the target be a specific Troop Type (HI, REM, TAG...) usually subject to hacking attempts.

Non-Hackable examples
A Veteran Kazak, part of a Non-Hackable unit whose Troop Type is HI, cannot be the target of Hacking Programs such as Gotcha!, Basilisk or Carbonite, even though the Requirements of these Hacking Programs necessitate only that the target be a HI. These Hacking Programs manipulate systems that are absent in the Veteran Kazak's primitive HI armor suit.
However, the Veteran Kazak could be the target of a Hacking Program such as Spotlight, which induces the Targeted state, because its Requirements don't specify the target must belong to a series of Troop Types. This is because this Hacking Program doesn't rely on the target's HI armor systems, but instead uses external systems, such as air-remotes and satellites, to tag him.

Anachronistic as it may sound, entire technological systems still used in the Sphere do not have datasphere access capabilities. Despite the obvious detrimental effects in terms of performance, efficiency, and sustainability, imperviousness to computer intrusion can be a beneficial side effect in a military environment where cyber-combat is a key tactical element. As the Ariadnan forces demonstrated during the Commercial Conflicts, a shrewd strategist can exploit this upside to great effect.