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Third Offensive Content.

This Special Skill designates the trusted non-commissioned officer of the Lieutenant, who can operate under their direct orders.


NCO and Combat Groups

To be able to use this Special Skill it is not compulsory that the owner and the Lieutenant belong to the same Combat Group.

NCO Game Example:

In his Active Turn, Raktorak Wadek, designated as Team Leader of a Fireteam: Core of Suryats, declares the use of the Special Lieutenant Order via his NCO Special Skill. As this Special Skill allows this Order to be considered as a Regular Order, using it doesn't trigger the Fireteam Integrity rules, so the Raktorak remains part of the Fireteam.

Within the command structure of special operations units, the responsible officer usually has a trusted non-commissioned officer who can operate independently under his direct orders. Said NCO is usually a veteran troop of proven ability, which has already operated in previous occasions with that officer. Thanks to a direct tactical link, this troop has a greater freedom of action and is usually responsible for carrying out attack or support actions that imply greater risk or operational responsibility.


N3 Frequently Asked Question FAQ Version: 1.6, Apr 2019
Q: How do you spend Orders on a Fireteam when using Tactical Awareness or NCO?
A: The Tactical Awareness or NCO trooper does not need to be the Team Leader when spending the Order on the Fireteam, but they must be nominated as the Team Leader when declaring the first Skill of the Order.
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N3 Frequently Asked Question FAQ Version: 1.7, Jul 2019
Q: Can Special Lieutenant Orders be used by anyone other than the trooper who generated them in the Order Count step of the Tactical Phase?
A: No, unless a rule specifies otherwise. For example, a trooper with NCO can use Lieutenant Orders without having generated them, but a trooper with Executive Order cannot use Lieutenant Orders that were generated by another trooper.
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N3 Frequently Asked Question FAQ Version: 1.7, Jul 2019
Q: If the Lieutenant is in a Null State and that Lieutenant has not spent his Special Lieutenant Order, can a trooper with NCO use that Special Lieutenant Order?
A: Yes. The NCO trooper can use the Special Lieutenant Order, considering it as another Regular Order of their Combat Group.
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