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Common Skill that allows the user to move about the battlefield.

Movement, No LoF, No Roll.
  • The user's base must be fully in contact with the surface over which he is moving.
  • Troopers cannot Move through spaces narrower than their base.
  • Allows the user to traverse the battlefield up to a distance determined by his MOV Attribute.
  • By declaring Move, the user may move up to the first value of his MOV Attribute in inches.
  • If the user declares Move again with the second Short Skill of the same Order, he may then move up to the second value of his MOV Attribute in inches.
Once declared, troopers always reach the end of their Movement, even if they fall into a Null or Immobilized state due to successful enemy Attacks along the way.
When Moving measurements must be done always from the same point of the base.


You can measure immediately after declaring Move and before determining where the trooper ends his Movement.

The sequence of events would be: Move declaration, clarifying the direction and the intention of the trooper's final location, measuring, and declaration of the real movement's ending point.

In his Active Turn, Angus is leaning against a wall in Total Cover. He does not have LoF to his nemesis Alguacil Ortega, on the other side of the building. Ready to put an end to their feud, Angus declares his first Short Skill: Move.
Angus moves only slightly so that his base peeks around the corner just enough to gain LoF to his target while still in Partial Cover. Once he has seen Ortega, Angus' model returns to his original position in Total Cover. His Move declaration will take him to the corner and back.
Since Ortega also gains LoF to Angus, he declares his ARO: BS Attack.
Angus then declares the second Short Skill of his Order, another BS Attack.
In the subsequent Face to Face Roll, Ortega suffers the Partial Cover MODs. Were Ortega to win the Face to Face Roll, and Angus to fail his ARM Roll, then Angus would end his Order in Unconscious state behind the Total Cover, where he finished his movement.

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