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Morpho-scan allows the user to replicate the Attributes of an enemy model in Zone of Control.

Comms Attack, Optional, Zone of Control
  • The target must be an enemy model possessing the Wounds Attribute and inside the owner's Zone of Control.
  • Morpho-scan has no effect on enemy Markers nor on enemy troopers possessing the STR Attribute.
  • This Skill doesn't require a Roll.
  • Morpho-scan replaces the MOV, CC, BS and PH Attributes of its user with the ones of its target.
  • Morpho-scan imposes a MOD of -9 to its target if they declare a Reset ARO to prevent it.
  • Once this Special Skill is used successfully, having replaced the owner's Attributes with its target's ones, it cannot be used again during the game.


The target can declare a Reset ARO, applying a MOD of -9, no matter what kind of troop is (LI, MI, HI...), and even if the Morpho-scan is declared outside of its LoF.

Morpho-scan is a complex VoodooTech system that allows its user to replicate the physical capabilities of any biological being that is in the vicinity. This physiological scanner analyzes the biomechanical structure and the capabilities of the target, imitating them to obtain the same results. The technological level necessary to develop this biomodification system is well above the current capabilities of the science that is currently developed in the Human Sphere. In order to create a Morpho-scan system, not only an extremely precise physiological remote mapping system is required, but it also implies immediate morphophysiological alteration capabilities only accessible to biomutable bodies. The main interest of Morpho-scan is that it allows collection of physiological data from the best representatives of the adversary, creating a wide library of physical perfection while avoiding the repetition and stagnation of standard systems of biological refinement.