Mechanized Deployment

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This Special Skill distinguishes those troopers, usually part of mechanized regiments, who have an enhanced freedom of deployment that stems from their use of transport vehicles.

  • All your troopers who use this Special Skill must deploy inside the Zone of Control of one of them, chosen by you.
  • The user of this Special Skill may ignore the restriction to deploying outside his Deployment Zone, and may deploy anywhere in his half of the gaming table.


You cannot use Mechanized Deployment to deploy in base to base contact with another model, Marker, or mission objective.


If a unit's Troop Profile indicates only "Mechanized Deployment", consider that unit to have Level 1 of this Special Skill.

Soldiers with access to mechanized deployment methods usually belong to Mechanized Infantry units that rely on armored vehicles to reach forwards positions from which to cover their comrades' advance. Mechanized Infantry corps are a staple of expeditionary forces, and are often tasked with security in hostile environments, owing to their superior mobility, protection, and firepower compared to Light Infantry units. However, these units also have heightened maintenance and personnel requirements. The extra burden to supply lines and, particularly, their excessive conspicuousness, make use of these units inadvisable in quick in-and-out missions or covert operations.