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Despite their training and their constant connection with Mission Control, losing a team leader to enemy fire or system failure can wreak havoc on the discipline of soldiers, creating a moment of confusion in which everyone is left to their own devices, without a coordinated tactical approach. This situation is usually temporary, and order reigns again once the next rung in the chain of command steps up or Mission Control chooses a new leader.


If, during the Tactical Phase of the Active Turn, the Active Player lacks a Lieutenant because they did not deploy or the previous Lieutenant is currently in a Null (Unconscious, Dead, Sepsitorized...) or Isolated state, then a situation of Loss of Lieutenant is automatically declared.


When an army enters a Loss of Lieutenant situation, all troops in its Army List become Irregular.


The player can appoint a new Lieutenant at no cost at the end of the Turn in which he entered the Loss of Lieutenant situation. The identity of this new Lieutenant is still considered Private Information.

Troops with the Irregular Characteristic or the REM Troop Type on their Troop Profile cannot be appointed as Lieutenant.


N3 Frequently Asked Question FAQ Version: 1.1
Q: Outdated, removed from FAQ! Under 3rd Ed rules, what happens to a Fireteam that enters Loss of Lieutenant?
A: Loss of Lieutenant in 3rd Ed does not automatically break Fireteam links. However, troopers in Loss of Lieutenant become Irregular. Should a member of a Fireteam expend his Irregular Order, he automatically and immediately abandons the Fireteam and forfeits all its bonuses.
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