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Human Sphere N3 Content.
  • This Hacking Program affects only friendly Hackers from the same Army List as the user.
  • Each player can only have one Supportware Program with the GADGET-EVO Label active on the game table.
  • Thanks to Kaleidoscope, any of the Hackers from the same Army List that suffer a Hacking Attack impose a WIP-3 MOD to their adversaries' Roll.
This WIP-3 MOD is not cumulative with the Firewall MODs.
  • When the user activates this Hacking Program, which does not require a Roll, place a Kaleidoscope Supportware Marker (SUP: KALEIDOSCOPE) beside him.
  • The effects of Kaleidoscope persist until the end of the following Player Turn after the declaration of this Hacking Program, at which point you must remove all corresponding Markers.
  • Once activated, this program's range covers the entire game table.

Example of use of Kaleidoscope

A player who had activated the Fairy Dust Supportware (see Infinity N3) with one of his Hackers now declares the activation of the Kaleidoscope Supportware with a different Hacker. As this player possesses a Heavy Infantry trooper (benefiting from Fairy Dust) who is also a Hacker (and so able to benefit from Kaleidoscope as well), the player now has to declare which Supportware program will apply to this trooper on each Order/ARO while both Hacking Programs are active.


  • Each Hacker can only sustain one active Supportware program at a time.
  • Hackers may voluntarily cancel an active Supportware program by declaring another and expending the corresponding Order.
  • Supportware programs are automatically canceled whenever their user enters a Disabled or Isolated state, or any Null state.
  • A player can only sustain one active Supportware program with the GADGET-EVO Label at a time.
  • A trooper with a Supportware Marker can benefit from the effects of only one Supportware program at a time.


N3 Frequently Asked Question FAQ Version: 1.1
Q: Does a Remote that enters a Null state still keep any active Supportware Programs it has when it gets repaired?
A: Yes, because the Requirement of the Programs are that the hacker doesn’t enter Disabled state, Isolate state or any Null state or use another Supportware Program.
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