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Intuitive Attack represents those times when a soldier perceives movement through the corner of his eye and instinctively sprays the area with his weapon in the hopes of unearthing a hidden enemy.


The user must employ a BS Weapon with the Intuitive Attack Trait.

  • Allows the user to make one single BS Attack against an enemy in a state that would normally make him ineligible as target of Attack without previous Discovery, such as Camouflaged, TO Camouflaged, etc.
  • Intuitive Attack may also be used when the LoF towards the target is blocked by a Zero Visibility Zone.
  • In order to make an Intuitive Attack, the user must pass an unmodified WIP Roll. MODs from Partial Cover, Special Skills (Camouflage, TO...), Equipment (ODD...) or any other source do not apply to this Roll.
  • If the target reacts by declaring an Attack or Dodge, his reaction is simultaneous and resolved by a Face to Face Roll.
  • If the user fails his WIP Roll, he cannot attempt to make another Intuitive Attack against the same target until his next Active Turn.
  • If the user rolls a Critical in his WIP Roll, the target loses one point from his Wounds or STR Attribute directly, bypassing the usual ARM or BTS Roll.
  • If more than one enemy would be affected by the Intuitive Attack, the shooter must choose only one of them as the main target. Only the main target suffers the Critical damage.

Intuitive Attack and Burst

When declaring an Intuitive Attack, the trooper can only make one single BS Attack and his B is always 1, regardless of the B value of the BS Weapon and any MODs to Burst (such as those granted by Twin Weapons).

Example of Intuitive Attack against a Camouflage Marker
In his Active Turn, Fendetestas the Irmandinho, clutching his Chain Rifle—a Direct Template weapon—, declares an Intuitive Attack against a mysterious enemy Camouflage Marker a few steps away.
The Camouflage Marker, wary of the effect of Fendetestas' gun, declares a BS Attack ARO. There is a Face to Face Roll between the Irmandinho's WIP and the BS of his camouflaged foe. Whoever wins the Face to Face Roll will deal an impact and prevent the opponent from Attacking.
If the Camouflage Marker had declared Dodge as ARO, then there would be a Face to Face Roll between Fendetestas' WIP and the PH of the camouflaged stranger. If Fendetestas lost this Face to Face Roll, then his opponent would avoid the Intuitive Attack.

Example of Intuitive Attack from Zero Visibility Zone against several targets
In his Active Turn, Fendetestas the Irmandinho, standing inside a Smoke Template—a Zero Visibility Zone—and carrying his trusty Chain Rifle, resolves to make an Intuitive Attack against a couple of Fusiliers who are outside the Zero Visibility Zone.
The first Fusilier declares a BS Attack ARO, while the second chooses instead to Dodge.
Consequently, the Irmandinho makes one single WIP Roll, which is then compared in Face to Face against the first Fusilier's BS-6 Roll (the MOD imposed by the Zero Visibility Zone for responding to a BS Attack from out of LoF) and against the second Fusilier's PH-3 Roll (the MOD for trying to Dodge a Template Weapon without LoF).
If Fendetestas were to win the Face to Face Roll against both, then they would each make an ARM Roll.
If the first Fusilier, who declared a BS Attack, were to win the Face to Face Roll, then Fendetestas would be the one to make an ARM Roll. However, the success of the first Fusilier would not prevent the second from taking Damage; he would have to win the Face to Face Roll himself.
If the second Fusilier were to win his Face to Face Roll against the Irmandinho, then he would take no Damage and would be able to move up to 2 inches as per his Dodge ARO.

Example of Intuitive Attack with a Deployable Weapon
In her Active Turn, a Spektr equipped with Anti-Personnel Mines declares Intuitive Attack to place a Mine so that it catches an enemy TO Camouflage Marker in its Area of Effect.
The Marker declares no ARO, so the Spektr must pass a Normal WIP Roll to lay his Mine. If he fails, the Mine will not be placed on the game table, but the Spektr will have expended one of his available Mines.
If the TO Camouflage Marker had declared an ARO such as BS Attack, then there would be a Face to Face Roll between the Spektr's WIP and the enemy TO's BS.
If the Spektr were to win the Face to Face Roll, he would lay the Mine (in the form of a Camouflage Marker) on the game table. The BS Attack of the trooper under the TO Camouflage Marker would have no effect but the Mine would not detonate yet.
If the TO Camouflage Marker were to win the Face to Face Roll, then the Spektr would not be able to lay his Mine and would suffer the effect of the Attack (an ARM Roll, usually).


N3 Frequently Asked Question FAQ Version: 1.1
Q: The rules say that a Critical with an Intuitive Attack deals one direct wound. What happens when you roll a Critical when laying a Mine or other Deployable Weapon with Intuitive Attack?
A: Simply deploy it and don’t detonate it, the Critical affects Intuitive Attack with a BS Weapon and the Mine or other Deployable Weapon is not a BS Weapon.
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N3 Frequently Asked Question FAQ Version: 1.6, Apr 2019
Q: Can I declare an Intuitive Attack against a troop that is neither Camouflaged nor inside a Zero Visibility Zone?
A: No.
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