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In such a massive area as the Human Sphere, with wide and varied frontier territories ranging from deep space to wild planetary surfaces, the conductors of special operations can encounter extremely dangerous environmental or biotical conditions.

The threats Infinity troops may have to face will vary depending on environmental conditions. These could be alien or human-designed micro-organisms hostile to human life, or maybe aggressive fauna such as highly developed predators or swarms of tiny voracious or poisonous creatures - the possibilities are wide and varied.

No matter the nature of the environmental threat, these Hostile Environment Rules unify all possibilities into a single system that simplifies the game mechanics, allowing it to be automatic and easy.

Players can combine them with the Special Terrain Rules (see Infinity N3) to create a wide variety of game tables.

QUICK SUMMARY: While in a Hostile Environment, each time a specific dice result (for example: 20) is rolled, then an ARM/BTS Roll must be made.


Hostile Environment is a new type of Special Terrain (see Infinity N3) so, it applies the same game mechanics. However, to facilitate its use, we have repeated the game Requirements for your convenience.


  • Mark Special Terrain areas when you set up the game table, before the game starts.
  • These areas must have well-defined, recognizable limits whether they are represented by templates, pieces of scenery, or any other means.
  • In game terms, Special Terrain areas have infinite height unless otherwise specified.
  • Players must discuss and agree on the specific characteristics of each Special Terrain while setting up the game table.
  • Special Terrain areas are categorized according to their MOV Difficulty, Saturation, Visibility Conditions and Type of Terrain.
  • Each Special Terrain must have one Type of Terrain and at least one other characteristic.

Area of Effect of Special Terrain Zones

The Area of Effect of a Special Terrain zone is the area in where its special effects are applied.

Any trooper in base contact with a Special Terrain zone, or whose base or Silhouette Template is covered at least partially by Special Terrain zone, is equally affected by the Effects of the zone.


To set a Hostile Environment it is necessary to determinate two variables: the Hostility Level and the Environmental Type of Damage. These two factors can be determined by the scenario itself, by mutual accord between players or by a roll in the corresponding tables.

The roll on the Hostility Level and Attribute-Damage Charts must be made before the Initiative Roll.

As determined by the scenario, or by mutual accord between players, a dice roll can be made for each of the Hostile Environments on the game table, or just one roll for all of them.

In the same manner, the areas of effect of the Hostile Environments will be determined the scenario or by mutual accord between players. They can be the area of a Circular Template, zones of the game table delimited by scenery items, or even one of the two halves of the table or the whole table itself!


The Hostility Level defines how easy or difficult it is for a trooper to suffer damage in that Hostile Environment.

The game conditions under which the ARM Roll is applied will vary depending on the Hostility Level of the environment, determined by the scenario, by mutual accord between players or through a d20 roll on the following chart.

Insecure 1-5 Only if die roll is 20.
Adverse 6-10 Only if die roll is 19 or 20.
Dangerous 11-14 Only if die roll is 18 or more.
Aggressive 15-17 Only if die roll is 17 or more.
Lethal 18-19 Only if die roll is 16 or more.
Savage 20 Only if die roll is 14 or more.


The Type of Environmental Damage determinates the Attribute to roll against and the value of Damage Roll needed to avoid suffering the effect of the Hostile Environment.

The Attribute required for the ARM, BTS or PH Roll and the Damage value or the effect can be determined by the scenario, by mutual accord between players or through a d20 roll on the following chart:

1-3 PH IMM-1
4-6 PH-3 IMM-1
7-10 ARM/BTS 10
11-14 ARM/BTS 11
15 ARM + BTS 11
16-18 ARM/BTS 12
19 ARM/BTS 12 (DA/DT Special Ammunition, depending on Attribute)
20 ARM/BTS 13

Variable Hostility Level

Some scenarios, or a mutual agreement between players, can see the addition of this rule. Due to the variability of the Hostile Environment, rolls on the Hostility Level-Attribute-Damage Chart may be made before the start of each Game Round instead of prior to Deployment. So, in this way, the game conditions change each turn.


Special Terrain of a dangerous nature which can force troopers to make a roll to avoid suffering Damage depending on the result of the rolls they have got when acting in such type of terrain.


  • A necessary condition for applying the Hostile Environment Rule is that the trooper must be inside or in base contact with an area previously designated as a Hostile Environment when declaring or performing an Order or ARO (so, that Order/ARO starts or ends or is performed inside the area).


  • In game terms, when in an area marked as a Hostile Environment, each time a model rolls a previously determined dice result (A 20, for example) due to an Order declaration or ARO (It is not applied to Guts Rolls or ARM rolls, for example) it can suffer Damage, and it must make an ARM/BTS Roll.
Depending on the nature of the environmental threat, the scenario, or just a mutual accord between players, the ARM Roll can be replaced by a BTS Roll or even a PH Roll.
  • The number the player gets on the dice roll to provoke the damage is always the natural number rolled on the dice. For example, in a Hostile Environment where 20 is the number that triggers damage, if the player gets a 20 when rolling the dice, then is rule will be applied.
  • The ARM/BTS Roll caused by a Hostile Environment ignores Cover Modifiers.


Example of table configuration using the Hostile Environment Rule

Players A and B decide to provide more variety for their skirmish battles by adding some areas with Hostile Environment to the game table.
First, they decide to create a Hostile Environment area with a Dangerous Hostility Level covering 4 inches on either side of the central line of the table. So, while inside that area, each time a model gets an 18 or more on its dice rolls in Order or ARO, it will suffer the consequences.
Once the conditions under which the Hostile Environment rule is applied are determined, both players must decide the intensity of the attack they might suffer from the Hostile Environment. By mutual accord, they decide it will be Damage 10, the equivalent of a d20 roll with a result between 7-10 on the Attribute-Damage Chart. And they decide that ARM is the Attribute to be rolled against. Now they have the Hostile Environment zone totally configured.
To make the game more intense, they also decide to add two areas equivalent to a Circular Template, one on each side of the table. Both are Aggressive Hostility Level areas, so troopers may suffer consequences for each roll made inside the Templates in which they get a 17 or more. To balance things, both players decide to choose the equivalent of a d20 roll with a result between 1-3 on the Attribute-Damage Chart, so troopers must succeed at a PH roll to avoid being Immobilized.
To finish, both players decide the area between three scenery items they have placed on the game table will be a Variable Hostility Level zone. So, when each Game Round starts, they will make the rolls necessary to determine the changeable conditions of that area of the game table.
And so, in this easy way, these players have created a game completely different from the ones they have played before.

Hostile Environment Game Example-1

During her Active Turn, a Fusilier declares a Move + BS Attack Order. Even her trajectory starts and ends outside an area previously designated as Hostile Environment, part of the movement is performed inside that area, so she is forced to apply the Hostile Environment rule. So the Fusilier must check if the results of the BS Roll match the value of the Hostility Level of the Hostile Environment area.

Hostile Environment Game Example-2

An Auxilia unit, composed of an Auxilia and an Auxbot, is inside an area marked as Aggressive Hostility Level zone (ARM Roll if 17 or more is rolled on the dice), causing Damage: 11 applied against ARM.
The Auxilia and the Auxbot declare the same Order, to Move and Shoot. The Movement ends outside the Hostile Environment area, and it is at the end of their Movement where they both decide to shoot. The Auxilia must perform the corresponding rolls for his shots, but not the Auxbot, as it has a Flamethrower which is a Direct Template Weapon which doesn't require a roll. The Auxilia succeeds on one roll, getting a 9, but the other two rolls of his Burst fail, getting a 17 and a 19.
Now, the player must apply the Hostile Environment rule because the model, even though shooting outside the Hostile Environment zone, started his Order inside the zone. Moreover, he must make 2 ARM Rolls, because he got 2 rolls that, following the Hostile Environment rule, cause Damage. However, his Auxbot doesn't suffer damage because it has not rolled any dice thanks to its Flamethrower.

Hostile Environment Game Example-3

A JSA Ninja is engaged in CC against an ALEPH Myrmidon inside a Hostile Environment with Lethal Hostility Level (ARM Roll if 16 or higher is rolled on the dice). When making the CC rolls, the Myrmidon gets an 18, a result that activates the Hostile Environment Rule. The Ninja gets a 17 which it is also a value that activates the Hostile Environment rule. Both troopers must make an ARM Roll due to the environment.

Hostile Environment Game Example-4

A Moderator in his active turn shoots at a Zhanshi who is behind cover inside an Insecure Level Hostile Environment (ARM Roll if 20 is rolled). The Zhanshi replies in ARO by shooting but gets a 20 on his BS Roll. As the Moderator got two successes on his BS Rolls, the Zhanshi must make two ARM Rolls, counting the Cover Modifier, against the Moderator's shots and also an ARM Roll due to the Hostile Environment, but this one is made without applying the Cover Modifier.

Hostile Environment Game Example-5

A Daktari, a Nomad Doctor, located in a secure area, activates her Zondbot, a Ghost: Servant Remote, declaring a Move and Doctor Order. The Zondbot Moves towards an Unconscious model and enters an area previously designated as Adverse Level Hostile Environment (ARM Roll if 19 or 20 is rolled). However, the Daktari gets a 20 on the WIP Roll when using her Doctor Special Skill. In this situation, the player does not apply the Hostile Environment rule because the trooper performing the Doctor Skill and rolling the dice is not inside the Hostile Environment, and the trooper which is inside the Hostile Environment is not making any roll.

Hostile Environment Game Example-6

A Hassassin Ragik decides to perform an AD: Combat Jump and land inside a Hostile Environment area. However, he fails his PH Roll and the Dispersion obliges him to land outside the Hostile Environment area. The player does not have to apply the Hostile Environment Rule as the Hassassin has neither started, ended, nor performed the Order inside the Hostile Environment area.

Hostile Environment Game Example-7

An Akal Sikh Commando performs an AD: Combat Jump but fails his PH Roll and the Dispersion causes him to land inside a Hostile Environment area. The player must apply the Hostile Environment rule, as the Sikh Commando has ended his Order inside the Hostile Environment area.

Hostile Environment Game Example-8

A Kurgat who is inside an Adverse Level Hostile Environment (ARM Roll if 19 or 20 are rolled) gets a 20 when rolling dice for Shooting. This area has been declared to act against the BTS Attribute, with Damage of 12 (DA/DT Special Ammunition). AS BTS was chosen as the resisting Attribute, the trooper must apply the DT Special Ammunition.