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Hackers are a unit's field infowar specialists.

  • The Hacker is equipped with a Hacking Device that allows him to use Advanced Combat: Hacking techniques.
  • Troopers with this Special Skill have unique ways to interact with Scenery Items.
  • The rules of Scenery Items that are also mission objectives must always specify whether a Hacker may be used to interact with them, and how.
  • Other Scenery Items with predefined traits have a Scenery Element profile that indicates the WIP Roll necessary to interact with them using Hacker.
  • In certain missions and scenarios, Hackers are considered Specialist Troopers, that is, they meet the requirements to fulfill certain mission objectives.

Infowar, short for Information War, has become a key component of the modern warfare environment both in terms of tactical and strategic approach. Nowadays, it seems nigh inconceivable for an operative team not no include at least one field infowar expert, commonly called Tactical Hackers. The function of a Tactical Hacker is to provide offensive and defensive data and communications capabilities in real time. Offensive tactical infowar is the application of a small-scale, focused, destructive force to enemy information systems, computers, and networks in order to disrupt their weapons systems, their command and control capabilities, and their most sophisticated pieces of technology. Defensive tactical infowar on the other hand is the protection of allied systems from hostile disruption, and has become one of the most critical aspects of military planning and a continuous headache for operational strategists from all military and security forces in the Human Sphere.