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Icestorm limits troopers to Combi Rifles, Sniper Rifles and Knives. The full panoply of weapons and ammo types in Infinity is much more extensive…

First, take a quick look at how to read a Weapon Profile. The main additions compared to Icestorm are ammo types, weapon traits and weapons that can fire in different modes.

Firing Modes

Some weapons will have several different profiles listed depending on how they are fired. For example the MULTI Rifle can choose between Burst Mode with Burst 3 and either Shock or Armor Piercing ammo, or Anti-Materiel Mode with Burst 1 and Double Action ammo, frequently the favoured choice in reaction.

Common Ammo Types

The full list of Special Ammunition Types in Infinity is pretty long, so we'll concentrate on the ones used by the models included in Icestorm.

Normal Ammo

This is the default ammo type, as used by all troopers in the Icestorm rules.

AP Ammo

Armor Piercing ammo halves the target's ARM, rounding up and having no effect on cover.

Shock Ammo

On a one wound target such as a Fusilier or Alguacil, a failed ARM Roll against Shock will take the target straight to Dead state instead of Unconscious, making it impossible to heal them.

DA Ammo

Each hit with DA Ammo causes the target to take two ARM Rolls, suffering a wound for each failed save. This means that a MULTI Sniper with Burst 2 DA can potentially cause four wounds!

Breaker Ammo

This is similar to AP ammo, but instead halves the target's BTS. As most troopers already have a lower BTS than they do ARM, this can be surprisingly nasty.

Fire Ammo

One of the most terrifying ammo types in the game, the target has to keep making ARM Rolls until they pass one, taking a wound each time they fail, for a potential infinite amount of damage. Although it's usual to stop rolling once the target has entered Dead state…

Fire ammo also has additional effects on Special Skills or Equipment with the Fire-Sensitive Label, for example anyone with the TO Camouflage skill (such as the Spektr) that gets hit with Fire ammo has their TO Camo skill reduced to Mimetism.

EXP Ammo

Explosive ammo is similar to DA, but causes three ARM Rolls per hit. This is enough to potentially one-shot almost any unit in the game if they roll badly.

Nanotech Ammo

This is similar to Normal ammo but causes BTS Rolls instead of ARM Rolls.

E/M Ammo

Electromagnetic ammo causes an EM pulse, disabling the target's communications with the rest of the force. The target has to roll against halved BTS. If they fail they enter the Isolated game state turning them Irregular and stopping you spending any Regular Orders on them. If the trooper is the Lieutenant, you will also enter Loss of Lieutenant at the start of your next turn.

If that wasn't enough, any Equipment with the Comms Equipment Label (mainly Hacking Devices) is Disabled.

If that still wasn't enough, any Heavy Infantry (such as the Orc, Mobile Brigada or Father-Knight), Remotes and TAGs will enter the Immobilized-2 game state as their armoured suit shuts down and locks them in place, unable to move.

Fortunately, E/M ammo is pretty rare.

Expanded Weapons


These are in Icestorm but in simplified form. They don't have fixed Damage but instead use the wielder's PH-1. So an Alguacil or Fusilier using a Knife does Damage 8. Knives also have Shock ammo (see later) and the Silent Trait. When combined with the Stealth skill (usually found on troopers with Camo or TO Camo), this allows the user to sneak up behind someone and potentially take them down without alerting nearby troopers.

Combi Rifle

These have the Suppressive Fire Trait, allowing the user to enter the Suppressive Fire state.

Additional Weapons


Almost all troopers carry some form of Pistol as a sidearm. They're only Burst 2 and (usually) Dam 11 so are noticeably worse than a Combi Rifle, but have a +3 range MOD within 8" so make a useful alternative for troopers with longer-ranged weapons like Sniper Rifles which do poorly at close range. Pistols can also be used as Close Combat Weapons (CCWs) with Burst 1. They keep their usual Damage and Ammo, so are often better than a Knife in combat.

Pistols don't have the Suppressive Fire Trait.

Breaker Pistol

The Father-Knight and Grenzer have Breaker Pistols with Dam 12 and Breaker ammo.


The Orc and Mobile Brigada models are armed with this weapon, rather than a Combi Rifle. It's an advanced version of the Combi that lets the user switch between multiple ammo feeds, firing full Burst with either AP or Shock ammo or Burst 1 with DA ammo. DA ammo is a popular choice in reaction, when you're usually limited to Burst 1 anyway.

MULTI Sniper Rifle

The Nisse and Grenzer snipers are armed with MSRs rather than basic Sniper Rifles. MSRs can fire either Burst 2 DA ammo or Burst 2 AP ammo. DA is again a popular choice in reaction, and is generally better against any target other than a TAG.

Sniper Rifles and MSRs don't have the Suppressive Fire Trait.


The Reverend Healer has a Nanopulser, a Direct Template Weapon firing Nanotech ammo. The Nanopulser has the Intuitive Attack Trait, allowing the trooper to perform the Intuitive Attack skill.

Yes, the Doctor has a flamethrower-type weapon, albeit higher-tech.

Light Flamethrower

The Mobile Brigada's MULTI Rifle has an underslung Light Flamethrower. This is a Direct Template Weapon firing Fire ammo. It has the Intuitive Attack Trait, allowing the trooper to perform the Intuitive Attack skill.

Close Combat Weapons


The Reverend Healer has an EXP CCW rather than a Knife.

Yes, the Doctor doesn't just have a flamethrower-type weapon, she also has an Explosive sword!


The Father-Knight has a DA CCW rather than a Knife.


The Akal Commando has an E/M CCW instead of a Knife. Note that E/M ammo works slightly differently on a CCW - the target makes an ARM Roll against Normal ammo and also a halved BTS Roll for the E/M effect.


The Spektr has three Mines. These can be placed in base contact with the Spektr and are placed as Camouflaged markers, so they need to be Discovered before they can be attacked. A placed Mine contains an IFF system, automatically getting triggered by any enemy trooper that declares or performs an Order or ARO where they could be hit by a Small Teardrop Template.

IMPORTANT - Mines are one of the few things in the game that can react to an ARO, allowing you to use them in a very aggressive manner in your own turn, as well as defensively.

IMPORTANT 2 - Mines go off against enemy troopers, whether they are models, Camo markers or TO Camo markers!

Weapons for the PanOceania Units


Combi Rifle, Pistol, Knife.

Akalis, Sikh Commandos

Combi Rifle, Pistol, E/M CCW.

Svalarheima Nisses

MULTI Sniper Rifle, Pistol, Knife.

Orc Troops

MULTI Rifle, Pistol, Knife.

Military Order Father-Knights

Combi Rifle, Breaker Pistol, DA CCW.

Weapons for the Nomad Units


Combi Rifle, Pistol, Knife.


Combi Rifle, Anti-Personnel Mines, Pistol, Knife.

Grenzers, Grenz Security Team

MULTI Sniper Rifle, Breaker Pistol, Knife.

Mobile Brigada

MULTI Rifle + Light Flamethrower, Pistol, Knife.

Reverend Healers

Combi Rifle, Pistol, EXP CCW.