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In the Active Turn and Reactive Turn, a trooper stops being part of a Fireteam in the following cases:

  • If the trooper enters or is in the Isolated or any Null state.
  • When the trooper breaks Coherency with the Team Leader.
  • If the trooper is Irregular and uses its Irregular Order.
  • If the trooper is the Lieutenant and spends the Lieutenant Special Order.
  • If the trooper activates or is in a state that allows it to be substituted by a Marker (Camouflage, TO, Impersonation, Holoecho...), unless a Special Skill, piece of Equipment or some Scenario Rule indicates otherwise.
  • If the trooper enters the Suppressive Fire state.
  • If a Command Token or some Special Skill, Equipment, or Special Scenario rule is used to move the trooper to a different Combat Group.
  • Only in the Reactive Turn, if the trooper declares any type of ARO different from the Fireteam's ARO, the one declared by all the Fireteam members.
When any Fireteam member declares an ARO different from the Fireteam's ARO, then the players must consider the Fireteam's ARO to be the one declared by more than half of the declaring ARO Fireteam members.
For example, in a five member Fireteam where only three of them declare an ARO, if two members declare one kind of ARO, and the third one declares a different ARO, this member will automatically leave the Fireteam.
When there is no majority of ARO, for example, if the three members each declare a different ARO, then the player can choose which one is considered to be the Fireteam's ARO, while the other two members will automatically leave the Fireteam.

In any of the above cases, the trooper stops being part of the Fireteam the moment the Order is declared, or when the case says. Consequently:

  • In the Active Turn, that trooper is not activated by the Fireteam's Order, so is considered inactive for ARO purposes.
  • In the Reactive Turn, that trooper is not is not able to benefit from the advantages of being in a Fireteam.

When one or more members leave the Fireteam, the player must recalculate the number of members to check if a Fireteam Cancellation occurs, or to determine the bonus available to the members during that Order if enough remain to compose a Fireteam.

If the Fireteam has not been cancelled, then the troopers who left will automatically be able to rejoin it if they are again in Coherency with the Team Leader during the Order Count phase of their next Active Turn.


N3 Frequently Asked Question FAQ Version: 1.1
Q: Outdated, removed from FAQ! Under 3rd Ed rules, what happens to a Fireteam that enters Loss of Lieutenant?
A: Loss of Lieutenant in 3rd Ed does not automatically break Fireteam links. However, troopers in Loss of Lieutenant become Irregular. Should a member of a Fireteam expend his Irregular Order, he automatically and immediately abandons the Fireteam and forfeits all its bonuses.
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N3 Frequently Asked Question FAQ Version: 1.2
Q: Can a Fireteam be part of a Coordinated Order?
A: No. If any member of the Fireteam is part of a Coordinated Order would no longer be part of Fireteam automatically, losing the Bonus.
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N3 Frequently Asked Question FAQ Version: 1.4, Sep 2018
Q: Can you spend a Regular Order on a Fireteam member to activate that trooper and leave the Fireteam?
A: No. You cannnot activate individual Fireteam members with a Regular Order, so you would need to cancel the Fireteam or create a new Fireteam without that trooper.
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