Fireteam: Haris (Skill)

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Human Sphere N3 Content.

Troopers possessing this Special Skill can compose a Fireteam of up three members if they belong to a Sectorial Army List.


When creating a Fireteam: Haris or Duo, the Fireteam belongs to the unit of the trooper with the Fireteam: Haris or Duo Special Skill. For example, in OperationS, A Deva Haris + two Yadu would be a Deva Fireteam, and a Yadu Haris + Yadu + Deva would be a Yadu Fireteam.

The Haqqislamite army was the first to create and deploy minimum support and assistance units for their Fireteams. The Haris Fireteams facilitate the manoeuvre of the main Fireteam, providing covering fire, or acting as a separate element to distract the enemy. The Haqqislamite Military Doctrine Command, whose tactical philosophy is based around the use of light units, promoted the development of these types of combat units, operating in conjunction with traditional Fireteams with exceptional results. In the Sectorial Armies that comprise the entire Sword of Allah, the NCO in charge of these support groups receives the name of Haris (guardian, protector). Seeing the evident success of the Haris Fireteams, the other armies of the Sphere emulated the Haqqislamite forces, using the same tactical pattern, and keeping the term Haris for their respective NCO's.

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