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Engineers have the means and the skill to repair damaged equipment on the field.

  • The user must be in base to base contact with his target.
  • By declaring Engineer the user may make a Normal WIP Roll to repair the target and have it regain 1 Structure point. The user may declare uses of this Special Skill until the target has recovered its full STR.
  • If the user fails his Normal WIP Roll, his target loses 1 Structure point instead of regaining one.
  • Alternatively, by passing a Normal WIP Roll, the user may cancel all of the target's states susceptible of being repaired by an Engineer (Burnt, Disabled, Immobilized, Isolated...). When these states are canceled, remove the corresponding Markers. If the target is affected by more than one of these states simultaneously, one single succesful WIP Roll cancels them all.
  • No ill effects are caused by failing the Normal WIP Roll to cancel the target's states, and the user may make further attempts as long as he keeps spending Orders.
  • The exception to this rule is the Unconscious state, which requires a separate WIP Roll to cancel, and whose cancellation does not affect other states. If the user fails his Normal WIP Roll, his target loses 1 Structure point, entering in Dead state, if applicable.
  • This Special Skill also grants its user the Deactivator Equipment, allowing him to deactivate enemy D-Charges and Deployable Weapons.
  • Troopers with this Special Skill have unique ways to interact with Scenery Items.
  • The rules of Scenery Items that are also mission objectives must always specify whether an Engineer may be used to interact with them, and how.
  • Other Scenery Items with predefined traits have a Scenery Element profile that indicates the WIP Roll necessary to interact with them using Engineer.
  • In certain missions and scenarios, Engineers are considered Specialist Troopers, that is, they meet the requirements to fulfill certain mission objectives.

Engineer and Ghost Special Skill

If the target of the repair is a trooper with the Ghost Special Skill, then the Engineer may expend one Command Token to reroll his failed WIP Roll. This Roll may be rerolled indefinitely as long as a Command Token is spent each time.

These rerolls take place during the same Order in which the Engineer Special Skill was declared, and generate no further AROs.

  • Troopers with the Engineer Special Skill may remotely detonate, without range or LoF restrictions and without a Roll, a D-Charge previously planted by themselves or by any other trooper from their army.

Combat Engineers are the handymen of the battlefield. Each Engineer is a soldier with additional training that qualifies them to undertake a wide array of technical tasks, from hot repairs to construction to combat demolitions. Traditionally, these professionals had the job of maintaining military lines of transport and hindering enemy maneuvers, but nowadays their job description involves much more than building and repairing bridges, landing strips, roads, and battlements, and even laying and clearing mines. Modern military forces require specialists in the repair and maintenance of the extremely sophisticated and delicate pieces of gear that are deployed in the battlefields of today. But despite their extensive technical training, Combat Engineers must be true soldiers at heart to carry out their duties in the thick of the crossfire, with a fire in their bellies that drives them to protect their comrades and get the job done.

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Troopers with Ghost: Remote Presence and STR can enter a second Unconscious state and still be repaired to 1 STR with a single Roll.


N3 Frequently Asked Question Updated: 1.1
Q: When can an Engineer detonate a D-Charge?
A: A trooper with the Engineer Special Skill may, in the Active Turn, remotely detonate, without range or LoF restrictions and without a Roll, a D-Charge previously planted by themselves or by any other trooper from their army.

In the Reactive Turn they may detonate a D-Charge if either of the following is true:

  • He has Line of Fire (LoF) to a trooper being activated by the Active Player.
  • Or if the trooper activates within his Zone of Control.

AROs must choose the trooper activated by the Order as their target.

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N3 Frequently Asked Question Updated: 1.1
Q: How many D-Charges can be detonated at a time?
A: One per Order or ARO.
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