Electric Pulse

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Human Sphere N3 Content.

A contact-activated, electricity-based CC Weapon.

This new rule replaces the version previously shown in Infinity N3.

CC Attack
  • Base to base contact.
  • This CC Weapon works automatically. Each time its use is declared, it is always considered that its user obtained a result of 7, so the player is not required to roll for CC in any way. This automatic result is always considered successful, regardless the CC Attribute value of the bearer.
  • If the opponent fails the Face to Face Roll against the automatic result of 7, he will be in the Immobilized-2 state for 2 Turns (The effect cancels automatically at the end of the next Player Turn), placing the corresponding IMM-2 Marker.
  • This CC Weapon does not apply Critical Hits, which it considers a normal success.
  • This CC Weapon does not allow either the user or his adversaries to apply any MOD to the CC or PH Attributes when performing the Face to Face CC Roll from any rule, Special CC Skill, weapon, or piece of Equipment.
Name Range (inches) DAM B Ammo Traits
Short Medium Long Maximum
Electric Pulse -- -- -- -- -- 1 -- 2 Turns, Automatic (7), CC, State: IMM-2, Non-Lootable

Electric Pulse, CC Special Skills, and Equipment example:

A Remote with Electric Pulse declares a CC Attack in a Coordinated Order along with a friendly trooper against an enemy Oniwaban.
Using Electric Pulse, the Remote can apply the +1 Burst MOD the Coordinated Order provides to the trooper designated as Spearhead. This is because the MOD is applied to the Burst, but not to the CC Roll.
In the same way, if the Oniwaban declares he is using Martial Arts L3, he cannot apply either the negative MOD this Level imposes to the opponent, or the positive MOD to the owner of this CC Special Skill. However, the Oniwaban can instead declare the use of Martial Arts L4 and apply the +1 to the Burst provided by this level, as it is a MOD not related to the CC or PH Attributes in the Face to Face CC Roll. Then, the Remote is considered to have obtained two results of 7. If the Oniwaban fails the Face to Face Roll he will enter the Immobilized-2 state.
If the adversary of the Remote were a trooper possessing the Hyper-Dynamics Special Skill, then this trooper could not apply the MOD to the PH Attribute this Special Skill provides when declaring Dodge, as it is a MOD applied to the PH Attribute in the Face to Face CC Roll.

Electric Pulse and Berserk CC Special Skill example:

A wild 45th Highlander Rifle declares a Berserk Attack against an enemy Remote with Electric Pulse.
As this CC Special Skill turns the usual CC Face to Face Roll into two CC Normal Rolls, the Remote automatically succeeds in its CC Normal Roll. The 45th Highlander will probably succeed in his CC Normal Roll but he will automatically enter the Immobilized-2 state at the end of the Order.

The Electric Pulse is a defensive system typically installed on vehicles and in security zones. It generates a discharge strong enough to put down any opponent or intruder without using deadly force. Portable variants have been developed as a more immediate and personal defense solution.