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  • If a trooper in the Normal state loses all the points of his Wounds/ Structure Attribute, and takes one or more extra points of damage, he enters the Dead state automatically.
  • If a trooper in the Unconscious state loses one or more points from his Wounds/Structure Attribute, he enters the Dead state automatically.


  • Troopers in this state are removed from play.
  • Troopers in this state count as casualties for all purposes, and are not considered as survivors for the purposes of Retreat!
  • Troopers in this state cease to generate Orders in successive turns.
  • Players cannot count their Dead troopers as survivors for Victory Point purposes at the end of the game.


The Dead state is generally irreversible and cannot be cancelled, unless the rules specific to the mission or scenario being played indicate otherwise. In that case, follow the procedure stated in the rules.


N3 Frequently Asked Question FAQ Version: 1.4, Sep 2018
Q: What happens if a Pilot has Dismounted from a Manned TAG and the Pilot or TAG enters Dead State?
A: If the Pilot is Dead, the TAG also enters Dead state and is removed from the game table. If the TAG is Dead, the Pilot stays on the table until he enters Dead state.
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