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Troopers with Climbing Plus are particularly gifted in or equipped for climbing and vertical relocation.

  • This Special Skill alters the user's Climb Skill from an Entire Order Skill to a Short Movement Skill.
  • Climbing Plus allows the user to move along vertical surfaces as if executing a normal Movement on horizontal ground.
  • Climbing Plus allows its user to declare other Short Movement Skills or Short Skills (Move + BS Attack, for example) while moving along or holding onto a vertical surface.
  • However, as with the Climb Skill, the user cannot benefit from Partial Cover MODs as long as he is on a vertical surface.
  • In his Reactive Turn, the user of Climbing Plus may react in ARO normally despite holding onto a vertical surface.
  • When declaring the use of Climbing Plus during a Movement, you must specify the exact route the trooper will follow, so that the opponent may declare the appropriate AROs.
  • Troopers have a LoF arc of 360˚ while they are moving.

Climbing Plus example

A Reaktion Zond, a Nomad Remote with the Climbing Plus Special Skill, declares the first Short Skill of its Order: Moving from its position to the top of a nearby wall. The Reaktion Zond (MOV 6-4) moves 2 inches horizontally to reach the base of the wall and climbs up his remaining 4 inches towards the top. Its opponent declares a BS Attack ARO as soon as he gains LoF to the Remote climbing up the wall. The Zond declares the second Short Skill of its Order, BS Attack, but in the ensuing Face to Face Roll it cannot benefit from Partial Cover MODs because it is still on a vertical surface.

Homicidal aliens lurking on the ceiling of a spaceship, soon to get the drop on their prey. Remotes zooming towards their objective who, coming up against a wall, climb upwards without losing momentum. Soldiers running down the side of a building, with guns ablaze and strides as confident as on level ground. The advantages of the mobility systems collectively called Climbing Plus are so significant that they have become a priority of all military R&D programs designing the soldier of tomorrow.


N3 Frequently Asked Question FAQ Version: 1.6, Apr 2019
Q: How is movement measured during a Climb?
A: When using Climb you need to measure the movement until the trooper reaches the horizontal surface. Then, there is a “free” placement on the horizontal surface after reaching it with Climb.
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