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Under certain circumstances, troopers can declare this Common Skill to move about the battlefield without attracting enemy AROs.

Movement, No LoF, No Roll.
  • At the moment of declaration, the user must be outside the LoF and the Zone of Control of all enemy figures and Markers.
  • Allows the user to move up to the first value of his MOV Attribute, generating no AROs to enemies in the process.
  • For this Cautious Movement to generate no AROs, it must end at a location that is also outside the LoF and the Zone of Control of all enemy figures and Markers.
  • When you declare Cautious Movement, you can measure the distance to your intended destination to see if this Entire Order Skill is viable. If it is not, the trooper follows its declared route, but does not enjoy the other benefits of Cautious Movement, so enemies might ARO as usual.
  • You cannot use Cautious Movement inside the Zone of Control of an enemy.
  • Cautious Movement must follow the General Movement rules as well as the Moving and measuring sidebar, both of which are explained in the Move Common Skill rules.
TAG, Remotes, Motorcycles and Vehicles can never declare Cautious Movement.
Troops in Hidden Deployment are neither figures nor Markers, so they cannot react to a Cautious Movement even if they have LoF.

Cautious Movement example
Fusilier Angus wants to sneak up on his arch-enemy Alguacil Ortega. Since he is has Total Cover behind a tall building, Angus is outside LoF of Ortega and the other Nomads, including a TO Camouflage Marker. He estimates that he can reach another Total Cover behind a bin with the first value of his MOV where he would be safely hidden, so he declares Cautious Movement.
Ortega and all other Nomad troops, including the TO Camouflage Marker, are unable to react in ARO because Angus' Cautious Movement began and ended out of their LoF.
Example of Cautious Movement and Hidden Deployment
In her Active Turn, a player wants her Camouflage Marker to declare Cautious Movement. She checks that no enemy figures or Markers have LoF to her Camouflage Marker in either its current location or its final position, so she declares the Cautious Movement. Her opponent did have a trooper in Hidden Deployment who would have had LoF to the Camouflage Marker as it finished its Cautious Movement. However, since the trooper is not physically on the table either as a marker or as a figure, it cannot halt the Cautious Movement declaration. Once declared, by the very nature of the Cautious Movement, the Hidden Deployment unit cannot reveal itself with an ARO.


N3 Frequently Asked Question FAQ Version: 1.7, Jul 2019
Q: When can a trooper activate or cancel Prone state?
A: Prone state can be activated or cancelled by declaring the Move Short Movement Skill, or where stated in the rules. For example, you cannot activate or cancel Prone state by declaring Cautious Movement or Jump, because they are not the Move Short Movement Skill.
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