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For a troop to declare a CC Attack either in its Active Turn or Reactive Turn, it needs to:

  • Be using a CC Weapon, or a Skill or piece of Equipment capable of a CC Attack.
  • Be in base to base contact with an enemy.

The player must make sure to meet all Requirements before activating the troop and declaring the CC Attack.


In the Active Turn, each time a troop declares a CC Attack, it can make as many attacks as the Burst (B) value of its CC Weapon. However, in the Reactive Turn, the Burst value is 1 but can be modified after that by some Special Rules or Skills.

During the declaration of a CC Attack, the player can distribute a number of attacks equal to the Burst value among one or more targets, as long as all targets are valid (in base to base contact with the attacker).

Burst Modifiers

Certain situations can alter the usual B value of a weapon. Players apply Burst Modifiers when declaring the CC Attack.


The player must specify, at the time of the CC Attack declaration, which CC Weapon, Equipment or Special Skill the troop will use. Furthermore, if the chosen CC Weapon, Equipment or Special Skill has different Ammunitions or options, he must choose them at that moment.


N3 Frequently Asked Question FAQ Version: 1.2
Q: In a CC with the bonus to Burst applied for friendly troopers in that combat. Can I place more than one D-Charge?
A: Yes.
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