Adhesive Launcher (ADHL)

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A non-lethal BS Weapon designed to immobilize targets without inflicting damage on them.

Name Range (inches) DAM B Ammo Traits
Short Medium Long Maximum
Adhesive Launcher 0-8" 0 8-16" +3 16-32" -3 32-48" -6 -- 1 Adhesive Non-Lethal

Due to the size of the self-propelled canisters of ultra-rapid setting liquid cement, these weapons are usually loaded via large-bore rotary drum magazines. Adhesive Launchers are most often used as an anti-vehicle weapon, immobilizing enemy vehicles so they can be safely disabled. Adhesive Launchers cannot be used to kill, but they are economical to use and can disable even the most well-armed and armored enemies. TAGs and vehicle drivers have learned to fear the immobilizing goo and what comes next. An accurate shot with an Adhesive Launcher can render the most terrible war machine completely defenseless.