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360˚ VISOR

This piece of Equipment expands the user's LoF arc.

  • This Visor gives the user a 360˚ LoF arc, instead of the usual 180˚.

Whether technological or evolutionary in origin, a 360˚ visor gives its wearer the ability to perceive his surroundings as an encompassing sphere. The great challenge of the 'Thousand Eyes' technology wasn't giving the user eyes on the back of his head, as wearable micro-cameras and other miniature sensors have been commonplace and inexpensive for years. The hurdle was presenting that comprehensive information in a way that was comprehensible to the user. It was not enough to merely restructure the subject's nervous system with new circuitry to connect the sensors to his brain's sensory centers (visual, auditory and, olfactory). Specific neural interface software had to be developed from scratch for subjects to make sense of the incoming data flood. Fortunately, the research needed to create artificial bodies and biosynthetic brains for Lhosts could be repurposed, leading to the current invasive, yet benign, surgical procedure. For those users without the capacity or willingness to undergo the necessary bodily modifications, there are available 'hard' versions of our products that present the user with a holographic representation of the visual data via superimposed screens. Naturally, hardware-only three-sixty visors are not as intuitive as their wetware counterparts, and users may need longer training periods to be able to process the data quickly and instinctively.


N3 Frequently Asked Question FAQ Version: 1.2
Q: How does the Aerocam work?
A: It provides to the user the 360˚ Visor Piece of Equipment, being Automatic Equipment that does not require a Roll or spend an Order to be used.
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