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Attack, CLAW-2.
  • The target must be an enemy TAG with the Manned Special Skill.
  • The target must not be Possessed.
  • Allows the user to make a WIP Roll against the target.
  • A successful Roll forces the target to make a BTS Roll versus Damage 13. Failing the Roll forces the opponent to place, at the end of the Order, the Pilot model in base to base contact with the TAG.
  • From that point on, the opponent must substitute the Pilot profile for the TAG's.
  • For the opponent to be able to use the TAG's Troop Profile instead of the Pilot's, the Pilot must declare a Short Movement Skill (or an ARO) to mount the TAG again. The trooper regains the TAG's Troop Profile at the beginning of the following Order after mounting the TAG.
  • An expelled Pilot continues to generate Orders for her Order Pool.
  • Enemies may choose the TAG as a target while the Pilot is outside it.
  • The range of this program is the Hacker's Hacking Area.

Expel and Evacuation Devices

This Hacking Program cannot interact with Evacuation Device (ED), such as Escape System or Ejection System (see Infinity. Human Sphere). When used against TAG with this piece of Equipment, Expel works normally, as described here, but replacing “the Pilot” with “the Operator”.