Shock Special Ammunition

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This Special Ammunition is designed to kill rather than simply incapacitate enemy combatants.


Bio-Munition, Standard.


After a successful attack using Shock Special Ammunition, the target must make an ARM Roll.


  • Each ARM Roll failed against Shock Special Ammunition causes the target to lose one point from his Wounds/STR Attribute.
  • If the target has a Wounds Attribute of 1 on his profile and fails an ARM Roll against Shock Special Ammunition, then he enters the Dead state directly, bypassing the Unconscious state.
  • This specific special effect does not apply to:
    • Units whose Wounds Attribute is higher than 1 on their profile (such as Heavy Infantry).
    • Troopers who, during the course of the game, increased their Wounds Attribute above 1.
    • Units with a Structure (STR) Attribute instead of a Wounds Attribute, such as Remotes, TAGs, Vehicles, etc. Against these, Shock Special Ammunition has the same effects as Normal Ammunition.

Shock Special Ammunition cancels the effects of the target's Special Skills Valor L2: Dogged and Valor L3: No Wound Incapacitation. Shock Special Ammunition also cancels the effects of the SpawnEmbryo part of the Shasvastii Special Skill.

ATTENTION: Use of this Special Ammunition is prohibited by the Concilium Convention. Violators shall be prosecuted by international courts.

Shock Special Ammunition is designed to cause a strong hydrostatic shock in its target's body, maximizing internal damage after penetration. Shock mechanisms depend on the manufacturer. The cheapest alternatives are hollow-point bullets that shatter into tiny metal fragments once inside the body, tearing internal organs. Melee Shock weapons typically have their edges covered with a rapid-action, selective neurotoxin of synthetic manufacture.