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This Common Skill allows the user to sidestep cyber-attacks by quickly rebooting all systems.

Advanced Combat: Hacking, No LoF.

A trooper can only declare Reset if at least one of these is true:

  • By passing a Face to Face WIP Roll, the trooper avoids a Hacking Attack or a Comms Attack.
  • The user can declare Reset even without LoF to the attacker, and even if the attacker is outside his Zone of Control and his Hacking Area. Reset can be also declared if the attacker is in base to base contact with the user, in Engaged state.
  • If the user wins the Face to Face WIP Roll, he may apply the Guts Roll rules.
  • By passing a Normal WIP Roll, the user cancels his own Immobilized-1 state.

Coordinated Order: Dodge and Reset If the target of a Coordinated Order chooses to Dodge or Reset as his ARO, then his Roll is compared in Face to Face against all attacking Rolls.

In the hyper-technological modern warfare environment, nearly every piece of gear has been designed with safeguards against hostile interference. If a cyber-attack is underway, the soldier can simply perform a soft system reboot to revert to optimal operational settings and avoid its pernicious effects. This process is very quick, as it bypasses normal shutdown protocols in case of emergency. However, expert infowar operators are capable of paralyzing semi-autonomous robotic units and powered armor suits before a soft reboot can take place. For this purpose, these devices are universally fitted with a manually-controlled hard reset switch that cannot be blocked via software.