Open and Private Information

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Information in an Infinity game can be either Open or Private.

Consider any piece of information on a player's Army List that is not explicitly Private as Open and knowable to all. You must share Open Information about your Army List while you deploy your models during the Deployment Phase, and also any time your opponent asks during the game.

Private Information is information you can keep to yourself that your opponent cannot ask about. Your Private Information remains secret until a specific game event forces you to disclose it.

You are required to write down all Private Information before the game starts to show your opponent if necessary.

These pieces of information are Private in Infinity:

Private Information about a trooper becomes Open Information when that trooper falls Dead and is removed from play as a casualty.

Gaming Etiquette
Checking all possible Lines of Fire for all figures and Markers on the table can be cumbersome. It is perfectly acceptable for a player to ask their opponent whether existing Lines of Fire could disrupt the declaration of a given Order before declaring it. Players are expected to share this Open Information in a truthful and sportsmanlike manner. Honesty and fair play are conducive to a better gaming atmosphere, and all players benefit from that.