Line of Fire (LoF)

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Line of Fire (LoF) is the criterion by which players determine whether a troop can see its target (another model, a Marker, etc.). In Infinity, being able to draw LoF is a requisite for performing BS Attacks and many other Common and Special Skills (Discover, Dodge...).

The Line of Fire (LoF) is an imaginary straight line that joins any point of the volume of a model or Marker to any point of the volume of another.

In Infinity, troops have a LoF angle of 180˚, that is, they can see with the front half of their base. Players should clearly mark the limits of that arc on their troops' bases.

For a troop to be able to draw LoF to its target, it must meet these conditions:

  • The target must be within the troop's front 180˚ arc.
  • The troop must be able to see, at least, a part of the volume of its target with the size of the target's head, or a minimum size of approximately 3x3mm (the size of the black squares on the Silhouette Templates).
  • LoF can be drawn from any point in the troop's volume to any point in the target's volume.
  • LoF can be obstructed by figures—friendly or not—and pieces of scenery.

Unless otherwise indicated for specific purposes, Markers do not obstruct LoF.

In the same way, troops declaring a Movement (As Move, Climb, Jump, Engage, Dodge in ARO...) do not obstruct LoF all along their trajectory.

LoF: Game Aids
Miniature poses and irregular scenery can make LoF hard to determine. In those cases, it is up to the players to reach an agreement. Trying to look at the target from the miniature's point of view can be useful, as can holding a tape measure straight between the troops to see whether anything obstructs the LoF.

LoF and Silhouette Templates

Infinity miniatures have some very dynamic poses that can sometimes make it tricky to decide whether there is LoF. To make LoF judgments easier, Infinity provides Silhouette Templates with which to determine the actual in-game volume of a figure.

LoF of Moving Figures

For the entirety of its Order, a troop that declared a Movement can draw a 360˚ LoF.

LoF of Figures in CC

Figures engaged in CC can draw a 360˚ LoF, but only to whatever they are in base contact with.

Figures engaged in CC cannot draw LoF to models, Markers or any other elements with which they are not in base contact.

LoF and Friendly Figures

Remember that friendly figures also obstruct your vision, blocking LoF. Bear in mind that you cannot attack friendly or Neutral units, whether as models or Markers.

Mutual Awareness

In Infinity, Line of Fire always assumes reciprocity, following the rule of thumb "if I can see you, you can see me". This means that as long as any troop can draw LoF to its target, the target can draw LoF to its attacker as well (assuming, of course, that the attacker is within the target's front 180˚ arc).

LoF Graphics

Volume of a Model
Using a Silhouette Template to Check LoF
In this Graphic you can see how the Fusilier (1) draws LoF to the Grenzer (2), the Alguacil (3) and also the Iguana (4). Even though it is behind the Alguacil, the Iguana has a Silhouette Template higher than the Alguacil's one, so the Fusilier can draw LoF over the Alguacil's head. However, the Fusilier cannot draw LoF to the Spektr (5) because the Iguana, whose Silhouette Template is higher, is blocking his LoF. The Fusilier cannot draw LoF to the Reverend Healer (6) either as the piece of scenery is blocking his LoF.
In this Graphic you can see how the Dāturazi cannot draw LoF to the Alguacil on the piece of scenery because the Iguana is blocking his LoF.