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The user of this Special Skill is the officer in command of his entire combat force. This Special Skill has different Levels, but any time a rule mentions the term 'Lieutenant' without specifying a Level, the statement applies to all Levels equally.

In the military pidgin understood by soldiers across the Human Sphere, the term "Lieutenant" does not refer only to that specific officer rank, but to the generic call code for the leader of a combat force deployed for a special operation of some sort. This team leader might be anything from a sub-officer to an officer from the highest rungs of the military ladder, but they are all referred to as "LT" while the mission is underway, to confound enemy eavesdroppers. The Lieutenant is the direct link between the boots on the ground and Mission Control, and has a wider range of operational options than a regular soldier. Every trooper in the task force uses the Lieutenant as reference. Lieutenants define the action parameters for the mission at hand, plan its tactical execution, and monitor its development on the ground, making choices in real time while intimately engaged with the enemy force. You want your LT to be a natural-born leader, quick to make a decision, and collected on the battlefield. A Lieutenant who commands respect and inspires confidence can be counted upon to secure a decisive, efficient victory.

Obligatory, Private Information.
  • You must field exactly one single trooper with this Special Skill (regardless of Level) in your Army List.
  • Your Army List cannot include more than one trooper with this Special Skill (regardless of Level).