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Guns and explosives can destroy more than foes. Some of them, using specific Special Ammunitions, can also demolish or dismantle structures and objects on the battlefield. This is represented by assigning a Scenery Item Profile to certain pieces of scenery or a Scenery Building Profile to certain buildings and structures. These two types of Scenery Structure profiles allow troopers to act upon select pieces of terrain and scenery on the battlefield.

Both players must agree on the Scenery Structure Profiles for their game table before the game starts. Missions and scenarios do not normally allow the use of the Scenery Structure profiles; players can only use them if they are specifically described in the scenario rules.


Weapons and Ammunition with the Anti-materiel trait are the only means of attacking Scenery Structures. A Scenery Item cannot be chosen as the target of an Attack that would also affect troopers, be they enemy or allied.

Scenery Structures Subsections

Scenery Item Profile

Scenery Item Profile Chart

Scenery Building Profile

Scenery Building Profile Chart

Damage and Destruction

If the Structure Attribute of a Scenery Item reaches zero, the element enters the Damaged state (see Game States).

Conversely, if the Structure Attribute reaches a value below 0, the Scenery Item is Destroyed (see Game States).

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