Hidden Deployment

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This state is not indicated by a Marker.



  • The Hidden Deployment state is a special form of deployment that allows the user to deploy during the Deployment Phase but place neither model nor Marker on the battlefield.
  • In your Deployment Phase, write down the position of your Hidden Deployment troopers in as much detail as possible (make sure to specify whether the trooper is in Cover, Prone, etc.) in order to show your opponent when their state is canceled and their position revealed.
  • The Hidden Deployment state is Private Information. However, once it is canceled, your opponent has the right to verify that trooper's deployment.
  • As long as they remain in the Hidden Deployment state, troopers do not add their Order to the Order Pool, but instead generate an Order they may only use themselves.
  • Until a trooper's Hidden Deployment state is canceled, that trooper is considered not to be on the game table at all. Consequently, such a trooper does not affect allied LoF, is not affected by Template Weapons, etc.
  • In his Active Turn only, a trooper in the Hidden Deployment state may use the Surprise Shot L1 Special Skill to declare a BS Attack or a Hacking Attack that benefits from the Surprise Shot L1 MODs.


  • The Hidden Deployment state is automatically canceled whenever the trooper declares any Short Skill, Entire Order or ARO.
  • If the Hidden Deployment trooper declares Cautious Movement or any other Short Movement Skill that does not require a Roll (except Alert), then his state of Hidden Deployment is canceled. Place a TO Camouflage Marker (TO CAMO) in the position you wrote down during the Deployment Phase.
  • If the trooper declares a Skill or Entire Order other than those previously mentioned, the Hidden Deployment state is also canceled. In that case, place the model that represents the trooper in the position you wrote down, facing in the direction of your choice.
  • When you place a model on the battlefield, you are required to share all Open Information relative to that trooper.
  • The Hidden Deployment state is canceled if the user is Discovered by means of a Special Skill that explicitly allows it (such as Sensor).
  • Once a trooper has lost his state of Hidden Deployment, he cannot regain it.

Hidden Deployment and Infiltration

A trooper with both CH: TO Camouflage and Infiltration may combine the effects of Hidden Deployment with those of Infiltration. In that case, write down your chosen deployment location before making the Infiltration Roll, in order to determine the effects of a failed Roll.